Maria Menounos getting felt up by 50 Cent

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Looks like 50 Cent has a case of the happy hands when touchingMaria Menounos butt. She doesn’t seem to mind though, perhaps she knows he’s worth over 300mil and is all about getting felt up by a rich guy. Perhaps she just wants to be one of his hoes, or perhaps she’s just being friendly in front of onlookers.

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Maria Menounos looks hot in her bikini at the beach

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Maria Menounos really knows how to look hot in a bikini. That body is nothing short of spectacular. I bet a lot of the beach goes were eitherjealousor pissed off that their bodies weren’t nearly as hot. Which is really just another form of jealousy, envy. Good jobMaria Menounos, you look amazing. Keep up the good work.

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Maria Menounos looks fantastic even while shopping

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Maria Menounos is a jaw dropper, she is seriously hot in pretty much any thing she wears. I can honestly say, I have yet to see one gallery where she looks less them sexy as hell. Even in a normal every day dress she seems to look glowingly beautiful, as well as classy. Nothing bad can be said about this woman’s looks. She’s a dime.

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Find a flaw on this girl!

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It’s insane how perfect Maria Menounos is. Can you flaw on this girl? No really search for one. Maria has to have weird nipples or something, maybe her ass is really flat? I dunno it’s really starting to make me wonder when God or whoever said nobody is perfect. Until further notice i have found the perfect person in Maria. Shouldn’t her and Brad Pitt be forced to have a baby together to create a greater human race?

Oh yeah that’s hot

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Who knew Maria Menounos had such a great body? She just moved up on my to-stalk list for sure.

Maria Menounos is totally topless

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How lame is that, i said in the title she was topless but she actually isn’t. Well she is but she’s covering her lady parts, doesn’t that get annoying when it’s announced that a celebrity will be appearing topless in a magazine but those damn hands are always there. What a hot trend though

Flashback: Maria Menounos see thru shirt

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Maria Menounos 07′ Golden Globes

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Maria Menounos 07   Golden Globes4Maria Menounos 07   Golden Globes2Maria Menounos 07   Golden GlobesMaria Menounos 07   Golden Globes5