Madonna shows off her Man Arms and Ass in Rome

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Goodness gracious. First she flashes one of her floppy titties in Israel, now she’s showing off her old ass. Perhaps its the fact that her album flopped so badly it broke the floor at the billboard headquarters, or perhaps she’s just been told by some one she still looks good and she actually believes it. Maybe that’s why she’s starting afeudwith a wannabe Madonna, Lady Gaga. Who really is equally as ugly, just a lot younger with less wrinkles.

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Holy Shizz….SNL is still on the air?

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Not only was i shocked when i found out that Saturday Night Live was still on the air I was also shocked when i watched the Lady GaGa & Madonna skit that aired Saturday. Did you see Lady GaGa? OMG she was wearing a thong and you could totally see it! Doesn’t Lorne Michaels realize that my son was watching that? I had to explain to him why the old woman was beating the Transexual who was literally showing her ass and also why daddy was touching his pee pee, i guess the latter you could blame on me but if the sketch didn’t air that *might* not of happened. Wow how bad was the acting?

Jesus moves in with Madonna

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Jesus has moved in with Madonna it’s being reported. No word if Jesus is offended by Madonna practicing Kabbalah…*rimshot*…..

Madonna has asked her toyboy lover to move in with her and she’s even cooking his meals.

The singer, 50, has known 22-year-old Jesus Luz for only three months yet he’s now living in her Upper West Side apartment in New York.

The Brazilian model apparently ditched his agency in Rio de Janeiro and signed with elite outfit Ford Models in the city.

I am 23 years old and there is no way in hell i would be in a relationship with a 50 year old woman and i LOVE older women. How does that even work? Madonna is the age of his grandmother. Then again for around 15-$20k a month i would be all over that torn up vag!

This is real, warning graphic!

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The picture i’m about to post will shock you, we have wars going on and we often see the terrible images the press release, reminding you that this war is very real and our hero’s are out on the battle field dying everyday fighting for this country. I thought long and hard about whether i should post this image or not, i came to the conclusion that it’s important for my readers to see this image, maybe we will all learn a lesson from this shocking image.

Keep reading if you can handle this powerful image. You’ve been warned

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Never gonna give up the whore look

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Some Madonna promo outtakes was leaked onto the internets today. Is she ever going to give up the whore look? There is nothing sadder than a 50 year old woman trying to be 20, don’t get me wrong some 40 year old women can pull this off, don’t believe me? Go to a park you’d be surprised what you can pick-up there, watch out for the married one’s though. They’re self esteem is so low it’s not even fair.

Guy getting $0 from Madonna?

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Madonna and ex husband Guy Ritchie will be heading to divorce court Friday according to reports. It’s rumored Guy wont be getting a CENT from Madonna.

British media reported Thursday that the celebrity pair had reached a settlement which would see the pop superstar keep the majority of her estimated 300 million pound ($445 million) fortune and share custody of two of her children with her film-director husband.

What the eff? I’m calling sexist on this one. If Guy was the rich one in the relationship he would have had to given up nearly half of his fortune to Grandma. Phil Collins had to give up $46 million dollars! I didn’t even know Sussudio was ballin’ like that. Anywho Guy got eff’ed in the A on this one. I was hoping Madonna would go poor from the divorce and have to beg for a clock from Flava Flav.

Madonna ex getting paaaaaid

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According to reports Guy Ritchie will be getting $60 million for the divorcing Madonna. Dang homie, i didn’t even know that old whore was worth that much.

LONDON, U.K.Guy Ritchie and Madonna have settled their divorce, according to the U.K. publication, The Sun.

The “RocknRolla” director will reportedly walk away with assets totaling around $60 million, including a 1,200-acre country estate, a London pub, and a cash settlement.

Congrats Guy, i would gladly hit that for 8 years to get $60 million. And hit that i mean with a eff’in shovel. This song is for you Guy!

Your 50!

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Madonna your 50 years old! I know i know you have the body of a 25 year old but the thing is your 50 years old! It’s ok to age, you would look alot hotter if you aged instead of trying to hold on to youth. I don’t care what you say this does not look right. Nobody is gonna eff with you at the old people’s home.