This look familiar?

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Ok somebody can tell Kristen Davis since she is pretty famous she doesn’t have to do that anymore for a role in a movie, well she does but not on camera.

Will you see my movie now?

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Trish Stratus and her perfect ass- Sex Tape Celebs
Britney Spears forgot her bra again- Link Humper
Mariah Carey upskirt on SNL- Me And Isis
Pictures have leaked online of is what to be said actress Kristen David giving oral sex to a unknown man. Kristen has denied it’s her but i say shut up whore and go with it.

Undeniably the brunette in the photos holds a remarkable resemblance to Davis, who plays the quiet and innocent Charlotte in Sex In The City. Kristin has denied claims that she features in the video. ‘This is not a photo of Kristin Davis,’ a rep for the actress told OK!. ‘There is no sex tape.’

I wouldn’t be shocked if this was a nice little ploy to get some attention for the new golden girls movie Sex and The City movie. Click the above image for the uncensored.

Kristen Davis is hot for her age

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Kristen Davis sexy shoot

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