Kirsten Dunst has some insanely pasty white legs

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Holy crap Kirstin, its time you get out some more and get some sun on that pasty white skin of yours. You look like you haven’t been in the sun in years, perhaps at this point you act more like a reflector, blinding those walking by then actually becoming more tan. Start with some bronzer, ask the Jersey Shore cast for some tips on how to become orange. I’m sure they would help.

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Ewww why?

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There’s a few actresses out there that you have no desire in seeing naked like Sarah Jessica Parker and ummm Kristen Dunst! When you look at the picture above do you wanna have sex with that? She’s shaped like a female Brad Pitt, put her in Guantanamo Bay and you’ll have more confessions in a day then since the start of the war.

TC gets around the net

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My Christina Aguilera obsession continues- Weak Game
Kirsten Dunst drunk boobage- The Blemish

Dunst knows how to dress

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I never knew a dress could make a woman look like she gained 30-50 pounds
Dunst knows how to dressDunst knows how to dress5Dunst knows how to dress4Dunst knows how to dress3Dunst knows how to dress2

Hurray for Dunst not nude

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Kirsten Dunst wonít be the new Barbarella because she refuses to strip for the role.

The Spider-Man 3 beauty was one of many actresses linked to the remake of the cult 1968 sci-fi movie, which starred JANE FONDA as a scantily clad space traveller.

But Kirsten has ruled herself out due to the amount of flesh she would have to show in the iconic Barbarella space suit.

“I don’t want to wear that outfit,” she says. “That’s too revealing. I don’t want to even think about wearing a bikini through an entire film.”

Well thank goodness for that, i don’t think i could look at Dracula in a bikini for over a hour. And doesn’t it seem like this movie would flop anyway? A movie about a whore who space travels, but then again Mariah Carey made a movie before so i guess anything is possible.

Kirsten Dunst is so picky

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American Vampire Kirsten Dunst says she will never date another actor again.
The 24-year-old, who is currently romantically involved with Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell, has previously been in a relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. She tells Jane magazine, “I don’t ever want to date another actor again. This quote is probably going to come back in my face, but I know someone who has a great saying: ‘There are no actors, there are only actresses.’ “Sometimes creative people can be very dark and destructive. “I’m only saying bad things. I do know a few actors who are good and sweet and adorable.”
I’m sure the guys in Hollywood are lining up to bang dracula, the good thing about her is she only comes out at night so she basically is a booty call.