Federline is ballin’

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Federline spent over $43,000 on Las Vegas hotels, dining and shopping between May 2007 and January of this year, according to documents filed by Federline’s attorney in his custody battle with Spears. The documents were released by the Superior Court on Thursday.
Yeah that’s what i’m talking about, eff the kids you got $100′s to put in a strippers thong.

Paris banging Federline

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Former and occasional porn star Paris Hilton is banging best dad/rapper/human waste Kevin Federline according to reports.

A source said: “Kevin and Paris were having fun. He kept shouting out her name and gave her a kiss on the cheek and then whispered something in her ear. It looked as though they were getting quite friendly.”

That’s gotta make Paris’ friend Britney Spears feel great. Don’t feel bad Britney, Kevin got a nice case of herpes I’m sure.

Federline is a whiny bitch

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Rap legend K-Fed who totally rocks the mic right has requested an emergency meeting with Britney Spears’ lawyers after a videotape emerged of her driving through a red light with her two sons in the car.
Oh cry me a freckin’ river Britney could of killed your kids, while your being selfish thinking about your kids have you ever thought that there was a club open at 8pm that closes it’s doors in 5 minutes and it was totally LADIES NIGHT! Ladies drink free biatch!

Two Z-listers are knocking uglies

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Omg guys Kevin Federline was totally seen dancing with Traci Bingham at the Vice nightclub (pay me for mentioning you now) in Hollywood. FemaleFirst drops it like it’s hot (people still say that right?)

An onlooker tells me that Federline, 29, has not only been hanging out at the bash with Hugh Hefner, but hes also been looking rather cozy with 39-year-old Baywatch pinup Traci Bingham.Federline and Bingham were just doing some bumping and grinding on the dancefloor to hip-hop star Mims’ “This is Why I’m Hot.”

Nothing strange about this story. Don’t stare at the above picture for to long, her eyes are starting to freak me out.

Federline was Britney’s man trash

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Kevin Federline has called Britney’s new man “Trash”

A source told America’s Star magazine: “When Kevin heard they had a sleepover at her house, everyone wanted to know about it.

“He lit up a cigarette and said he guessed you have to head to the dump to find trash, referring to how Britney and Howie met while in rehab.”

Britney met musician Howie while she was allegedly treated for alcoholism and post-partum depression at Malibu’s Promises Centre.

Bad boy Howie was arrested in 2004 for allegedly locking a fan in the bathroom of his tour bus when she rejected his sexual advances.

Something just seems wrong for Kevin to call anyone trash, it can’t be because Kevin is trash and made the hottest no talent bitch trashy too.