Kendra Wilkinson is trying to be classy

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The keyword in the title is ‘TRYING’, Kendra Wilkinson claims she is no longer going to be doing nude photo shoots. I guess this is because she is married to a rich dude she can milk for money until he realizes she’s a complete moron. Either way, who really gives a shit what Kendra Wilkinson is trying to be, until she does some thing worthy of being labeled a good person, she’s just a dumbass who strips for cash.

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Kendra Wilkinson looks like an Oompa Loompa

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Ermahgerd! Kill it, kill it with fire before is creates adevilishorange spawn! Seeing these pictures make me wonder. Did she dress up, purposely wearing the Oompa Loompa colors because she knew she was going to pick orange as her skin tone for today. Or was is just by total coincidence she turned out looking like she is playing a human sized Oompa Loompa in a scene she is about to go film?

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Kendra sucks at banging

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By now i’m sure most of you pervs have seen the Kendra Sex tape. For the non-pervs out there, Kendra who starred in The Girls Next Door on E! had a sex tape and gosh how horrible was that thing? I didn’t get aroused once and that says alot because i did watching the Chyna Sex Tape (What? Her oral skills weren’t horrible! And she has a sex tranny face.) Anywho back to that P.O.S. video. She basically sat there like a dead body! The end was so lolz worthy, the dude busts in his hand…The end. Is there anything sexier than a girl that brags that she likes seamen and in the end she actually does? Kendra…Your a disappointment and you got $600,000 for that crappy tape. I’d rather watch Buck Angel get nailed by Peter North.

Daddy has to be proud

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Lolz i can see Kendra’s dad freaking the Eff out over this video. You know backstage she went down on Too Short. I love white girls that dance to rap music and the lyrics are so degrading to them. Shake that ass you semen-sucking whore that has two kids at 23 with a job that pays minimum wage! Yeah gurl we gettin’ our party on.

Kendra Uncensored. You welcome!

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Finally there is some uncensored footage from Kendra’s reality show on E. I never watched the show so i have no idea if it’s any good. I did watch The Girls Next Door and if it’s anything like that then give this girl an Oscar!

Keep reading to see the Two videos. It’s NSFW kids so sorry you can’t watch!

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Kendra wont be in Playboy again…i’m sad?

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Hugh Hefner’s ex whore Kendra Wilkinson stated that we probably wont see her pose for Playboy again since she’s getting married. Really? I’m…bummed?

Hugh Hefner’s engaged ex Kendra Wilkinson will think twice about baring all for Playboy again – because she’s not sure her fiance’s family will approve.Wilkinson appears naked in the current issue of the men’s magazine, and she warns fans it might be the last time they see her stripped.

The model, who is engaged to marry American football star Hank Baskett, says, “If the offer came up, I would definitely have to have a big talk with Hank, and a talk with Hank’s family.”

Kendra is 23 years old and already deciding not to pose nude again? Yeah she’s probably right. I give it about 6 months until a video leaks of her swallowing some kids and nobody will be turned on just seeing her naked because of the whole gargling potential kids on a “stolen” video. Gotta stay relevant!

Since that $1,000 a week is gone….

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Since Hugh Hefner dumped his 3 girlfriends it’s time for them to make some money on their own. According to Kendra they were paid $1,000 a week. It might sound hot having 3 girls but really think about it, 3 whores constantly around nagging the eff outta you. I got 1 girl right now and if i’m around her every minute of the day i’m ready to OJ this biatch, by that of course i mean “leaving” her to play golf. $1,000 a week for a girlfriend? Shoes add up pretty quick so i’m sure like Kendra i got fu*ked a few times and was disgusted by it. P.S. US Weekly please don’t send me a C&D, your big-ass watermarks are all over these pix…Love you!

One less biatch

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Kendra aka Hugh Hefner’s ex whore and star of The Girls Next Door is now engaged to NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett. Awww i’m sure Hef is hurt, the 8 girls in his bed at the moment is trying to cheer him up.

“Kendra Wilkinson has met someone who she would like to spend the rest of her life with,” Hefner told Us Weekly. “He popped the question last Saturday. I have given her my blessing and will be giving her away at a very special wedding ceremony at the Playboy Mansion this coming June.”

She would like to spend the rest of her life with him? Yeah right! She’s 23 years old and slutty! There is no way in hell this skank is settlin’ down, it’s impossible to be commited to a girl that considers dancing on a table at a club with no panties a nice quiet evening. Get the fu*k outta here with that.