Angelina and Lady GaGa licked each other

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This has to be the weirdest rumor of all times. Rumor is that Angelina Jolie and Lady GaGa had a little affair, i even feel silly saying this. It’s probably true though.

Ian Halperin, author of the recent bestseller Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, a source close to the actress told him that there was recently a secret rendezous between the two at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel that lasted all night.

It sounds crazy but looking at Angelina’s insane past it’s pretty believable. When your the hottest actress why would you want Lady GaGa though? If i was Angelina i would be requesting Jessica Biel or Scarlett Johansson, better yet i would have Keeley Hazell delivered to my house.

I love Zoo magazine

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It’s Keeley Hazell in Zoo magazine! I really do love Zoo magazine, is it possible to subscribe even though I’m from the United States? Why can’t our magazines be like those over there? I love my country after all we invented the Pancakes on a Stick but could we get Zoo magazine up in dis biatch?


Maxim is smart and gets Keeley

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Maxim did a great thing and got Keeley Hazell to pose in their new issue. Keeley has the whole package and by package i mean a great rack and a nice face. Believe it or not the make or break for me on a girl is the face, i go for the innocent look like Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, Keeley and Anne Hathaway. I’m sure they want me they just don’t know it yet.

New Keeley!

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It’s Keeley Hazell in a brand new photo shoot. Why isn’t she famous in the United States and why haven’t E! given her a show yet? Skeet Skeet Skeet.

Keeley in OK magazine….Clothed

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Good for Keeley Hazell. She appeared in OK Magazine wearing clothes. I hope this isn’t her trying to go mainstream. If i don’t ever get to see her naked again i will lose all faith in man, well until somebody offers her an insane amount of money to take it off again. Root of all evil my ass.

Keeley will turn your girl Bi

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Shannon Elizabeth very see thru top

Megan Fox big boobs in tank top

Lady Gaga in panties showing ass on stage

Tila Tequila topless behind the scenes

Sophie Monk braless

Brooke Hogan as a stripper

Christina Aguilera showing her bare ass


Keeley Hazell is as perfect as a girl can get. Thank God she doesn’t live in the U.S because i would have been arrested by now for following her around. It’s also a bad idea for you to show your girl a picture or video of Keeley. My girl keeps talking about how soft she must feel, i agree but hearing it for 7 hours is getting a little old. Keep reading to see the video (NSFW)

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Keeley makes the day better

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I’m sitting here with a massive sinus headache trying to find ways to entertain you bitches and found a brand shiny new Keeley Hazell photo shoot. Some advice to people with a bad sinus headache: don’t drive, when you do you get pissed at little things like when somebody pulled out in front of me i seriously considered following him home just to backhand him, i don’t care if it’s a 2 hour drive what a douche. Anywho i’ll fap to these pix later when my hand isn’t busy holding my head and contemplating yelling at my dog for staring at me.

Cosmo can’t trick us

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Cosmo printed a photoshoot of Britney Spears’ in their December issue, the problem? The pictures are over 5 years old!

It was a case of baby one more time for Britney Spears. Britters is looking fitter than ever now but Australia’s Cosmo decided to use a five-year-old shot of the singer on the cover of its December issue.

Booo Cosmo that’s really lame! You could have easily gotten Keeley Hazell to pose for your magazine, she would of even flashed a tig o’ bitty for you. I think i’m starting to get obsessed with Keeley lately, she’s so perfect and her accents makes me pop a tent.