McPhee needs some dark in her

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Katherine McPhee really needs to go back to being a brunette. Maybe Katherine doesn’t want to look bangable anymore? Isn’t it funny she’s married to a 42 year old man? I’m so disgusted by young women getting with older men, they really can’t find them attractive….But he has a great personality! Sure that and his saggy balls go together so well!

When nothing else works..

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What happens when you place second in American Idol, music career fails, you get dropped from your record label? When your Katherine Mcphee you pull your iddy bitty boobies out and get those dollar bills. Well everything is true except for the last part, yeah they are iddy bitty but she’s shooting a movie. Hurray somebody hired her for something!

Haha like she’s famous

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American Idol loser Katherine Mcphee attended Allure’s hottest bodies event or something gay like that. Why she hasn’t appeared on Flavor of Love or The Surreal Life blows my mind.

Sexy and gross

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I thought about censoring the crap-filled bag but remembering we show Fergie’s face on here without censoring that so what’s the point? Katherine McPhee recently got dropped from her record label, somebody got an awesome new job! Remember to wash your hands

Katharine McPhee is attractive

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Whoever is hitting Katharine McPhee is a lucky son of a bitch. Looking at her reminds you why you love the ladies and going gay is just crazy.

Katherine Mcphee does Stuff

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I really don’t get the attraction to Katherine Mcphee, the only thing awesome she did was get gay with a overweight former supermodel.
Katherine Mcphee does Stuff3Katherine Mcphee does StuffKatherine Mcphee does Stuff5

A moment with Katherine McPhee

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Tyra feels up Katharine Mcphee

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I didn’t realize anyone thought her tits were fake, Tyra knows how to get attention though. I always heard Christina Aguilera has her snooch pierced maybe Tyra should investigate that.