Kate Moss wearing an old lady bathing suit

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Not sure why people still think she is hot, but ummm.. Here Kate Moss is looking like she’s about 60 yrs old wearing an old lady style one piece. So much for once being a super model. She’s given it up for ugly old rich dudes who wear less then she does.

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Wow Kate Moss shows vag

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Wow Kate Moss posed for the new issue of Love magazine. I’m a little surprised she went totally nude, what other supermodels does this? I never got the attraction people have to this girl. Some people are drawn to the plain, blah look. Sure she’s plain and her net worth is $5+ million. Who in the H did she blow to get this far? I don’t think I would get a blumkin’ if i was offered one from her.

Keep reading for the nudity…You perv.

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Does the kiss come with cocaine?

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Kate Moss auctioned off a kiss for $7,000 for charity.  It’s disgusting kissing a girl who smokes what is it like with somebody who does every drug known to man?

The 35-year-old supermodel auctioned off a kiss for charity, raising £5,000 from one lucky banker.

But she told her rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince not to worry, there’ll be “no tongues” or tonsil tennis.

Cheered on by her celebrity pals including Sadie Frost, Orlando Bloom and Trinny Woodall, Kate offered to be a kissogram girl for the highest bidder at the Mummy Rocks fundraiser for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

I would ask for a BJ instead but i don’t want my wang anywhere near that. Could she clean my house instead? My kitchen is a mess right now. Learning to cook with no directions and very few ingredients is not smart.

Put a damn bra on gosh!

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Supermodel Kate Moss was caught outside a club showing her bare booby. I like saying booby, it reminds me of when i was in the 6th grade and actually seen my first booby. It was me and her in the classroom alone while everybody was outside during recess, i was really excited seeing how she might raise my grade if i do what she wants. No summer school for me bitches!

The uncensored pix after the jiz-ump.

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What’s the appeal?

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Anne Hathaway sexy new shoot

Mornin’ whoredom

Traci Bingham see thru shirt out in public

Hayden Panettiere Flashes Her Panties

Paris Hilton naked sex video (NSFW)

I never seen the appeal of Kate Moss. The whole dead/drugged up look is something i never understood. I don’t wanna bang a chick that looks like she started decomposing a year ago. There is some people that are into that sort of thang. That must explain her popularity. Keep reading for the uncensored.

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Little kid asked Kate for coke

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Kate Moss has been heckled by a disappointed schoolboy – who asked the model if she had any cocaine.

The little boy had been waiting all day outside the supermodel’s New York hotelMoss, but was crushed when his out-thrust autograph book was met with a down-turned head. to meet

As she walked past into the hotel he quickly quipped, “Can I at least have some coke?”

An eyewitness tells the Daily Mirror, “It was quite bizarre to see one of the world’s most famous women being heckled by a fresh-facedschoolboy.”

Holy shit please please tell me this was caught on video, someone should give this kid a metal or something.

Doherty offers Kate’s stuff for cab fare

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Pete Doherty has been accused of talking his way out of a $500 cab fare – by instructing the driver to help himself to girlfriend KATE MOSS’ household possessions.

The Babyshambles star hailed the taxi in London last weekend after arguing with Moss, and instructed driver Roland Andrews to take him to the catwalk beauty’s Gloucestershire house – 100 miles away.

However, after arriving at the destination a cash-strapped Doherty was forced to offer Moss’ household contents to cover some of the fare.

“He asked me to help him unload his stuff into Kate’s house and then he said, ‘If there’s anything here you want then help yourself to it. The missus won’t mind.’” Andrews, who declined the offer, subsequently discovered the rocker’s accountant had no knowledge of the cab fare promise.

Wow what a gentlemen, he offers his girlfriends belongings to help pay the cab fare. Ladies this is the kind of guy you need.

Ice for Kate

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Kate Moss was injured by a flying chunk of ice at a London nightclub on Saturday night.
The 33-year-old supermodel had been planning to perform a duet with boyfriend Pete Doherty for a friend’s birthday, but she fled the club after being struck on the forehead by an ice cube during a food fight.

A source told The Sun: “It was all a bit of a laugh at first. Kate thought the whole thing was hilarious. But then one chunk of ice was thrown a bit hard and hit her smack in the forehead. The bump came up immediately.

Why ice? What about needles or flour, it would of been way funnier watching Kate running away from the club covered in white powder. Looking at that picture makes me wonder how in the hell is this bitch a supermodel.