Kate Hudson is still around, looks pretty decent

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Eh, I’ve never really been a Kate Hudson fan, she clearly had some titty implants even if she denies it. She’s clearly aging, and although she does look good at a distance. When you get closer up or check out the close up pictures, she’s got a mound of makeup on covering up them wrinkles, and hiding what appears to be a skinny girl double chin.

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Kate Huson wont stop stripping…OK?

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Actress Kate Hudson told MTV she wont stop stripping for movies cause “it’s fun.” Maybe i’m not familiar with her movies but hasn’t she only been topless in Almost Famous? That’s like me saying i like Gay sex and wont stop cause i got confused watching Brad Pitt in Fight Club, really weird time for me.

The You, Me and Dupree beauty, daughter of actress GOLDIE HAWN, is one of Hollywood’s sexiest stars and has graced many magazine covers in the buff.

And she insists she’ll carry on baring all – in the name of art.

Kate told MTV.co.uk: “I love doing them and I will do more. It’s fun.

“Also, I’ve come to appreciate the skill of the photographer. It’s a real art. I’m very interested in that side of it.”

It still pisses me off when magazines say ____posed nude for Instyle or Maxim, they are not naked you dumbass! Do it one more time and i’ll get a law degree just to sue you a-holes for lying, i’m sure there’s a legal word for lying but i dropped out of school in kinigarden, it’s not my fault the square block wouldn’t fit in the circle block so i said eff it.

I’ll watch it

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My future baby mama Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are starring in a new movie called Bride Wars. Judging by the pix it seems like a cheesy chick flick but Anne is bringing the boobs out so i’m totally gonna watch it on mute when it comes out on dvd.

Hudson And Wilson Split

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Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson‘s reported romance is over, according to US TV reports. The couple, who starred together in 2006 comedy You, Me & Dupree, were widely believed to be lovers when they were spotted together as Hudson recovered from the break-up of her marriage to rocker Chris Robinson. Wilson’s publicist released a strongly-worded statement warning the media not to suggest his client had broken up the marriage and neither Hudson nor Owen ever officially confessed they were dating. But now sources close to the couple have told news show Extra the romance is over because Wilson refused to commit to a relationship with the actress.