You can’t tame the sexy….back

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Justin Timberlake was never going to commit to Jessica Biel claims Justin’s Grandmother…Wait what? Lolz yeah Justin Timberlake’s Grandmama did a interview about his relationship.

Sadie Bomar told Closer magazine: “Jessica was keen to marry, but Justin isn’t ready. He’s busy writing new material and he works hard to be successful – he’s really focused on that.

“As far as we’re concerned, he’s always been single. The girlfriends come and go, but we believe nothing has ever been serious. Justin does his own thing and he isn’t ready to marry just yet.”

What the hell? Does Justin tell his Grandmother everything? My Grandmother thinks I’m married with two kids, she also thinks i have a English accent. I don’t know how i pulled that off but it’s pretty entertaining during the holiday season.

Timberlake now banging Rihanna…*Yawn*

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That one guy in that boy band in the 90′s that you was sure was a gay has dumped Jessica Biel to start having sex with singer Rihanna.

Justin Timberlake has allegedly split from Jessica Biel in order to start a new romance with Rihanna.

The ‘Cry Me A River’ singer ended his three-year relationship with Biel almost a month ago, says Us Weekly.

A source said: “He just said he needs time apart to just experience being single again. She refuses to accept it and called him non-stop trying to save it. She can’t imagine life without him.”

How sad are you for Jessica Biel? I mean if she was somewhat attractive we know she could get over it in a few weeks, who wants to bang the fatty who can’t act? Oh wait I was thinking of Calista Flockhart.

Janet’s nipple going to the Supreme Court

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The Government has asked the Supreme Court to reimpose a half-million-dollar fine slapped on CBS television for a 2004 broadcast of live images of pop star Janet Jackson’s breast according to reports.

It is up to the Supreme Court to decide whether it will consider the request.

Prosecutors are asking the high court justices to weigh in on a case that raised eyebrows and stirred passions in the United States, where nudity on non-pay television is a no-no in advertising, while rare and limited to late-night hours in television series.

Why do i think that the Government is going to ask for every angle of every video/picture from the Janet boob flash? It is a pretty genius way to be able to look at nudity without getting busted and called a perv for it (honey it’s a case i’m trying to work on!) Cause we know damn well they really don’t give an eff about the kids. Tons of other countries show nudity at night and they’re still smarter and healthier than us so i don’t think a 42 year old’s nipple damaged us that much.

NSYNC sued for $10 million

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NSYNC, along with their label Jive Records, are being accused of ripping off a song by an, until now, unknown singer-songwriter – right down to the song title.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in a Las Vegas Federal Court, a musician named Troy Alexander (or ‘Royal T’) alleges that he played Jive Records a demo tape including the song ‘Up Against the Wall’ back in 1990.

According to the lawsuit, Jive signed *NSYNC a few years later, who then released a song in 2001 “substantially similar” to Alexander’s work. The song featured on the hit album ‘Celebrity’ and ‘kept’ the same title.

$10 million? Just lift Justin’s couch cushion i’m sure it’s all there.

Paris says Justin wants her

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In the studio that is. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has worked with SNOOP DOGG, NELLY and super-cool producers THE NEPTUNES and TIMBALAND.

And now next on his list is… PARIS HILTON.

Yes, that’s right – one of the world’s top acts wants to record a duet with the trashy heiress, according to her that is.

Paris said: “I think we blend well and he says he has something in mind for both of us.

“I can’t wait.”

I think that “something” he has planned for them involves Paris being on her knees for about 5-10, after that Paris can “sing” in a microphone while all the equipment is shut off.

Justin wants to bone Britney one more time

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Justin has come to the defense of Britney calling her a good person.

Justin Timberlake has pickied up the phone for a chat and some comforting words.’I called her because I worried about her,’ reveals JT. ‘She’s a great woman. I’m rooting for her. It seems like she’s getting everything under control now.’

There is only one reason a guy would call his ex-girlfriend, Justin wants to hit it one more time. He’s probably wondering what it’s like to bang a baldy, trust me it’s not that great.

Justin didn’t really “Love it”

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JT (little name i made up) says he regrets doing the Mcdonald’s campaign.
Timberlake tells British men’s magazine GQ, “I regret the MCDonald’s deal. “Just like the MCDonald’s deal, whose market share went up 25 per cent when I walked into those offices and changed their image… when I did the Grammys, the viewing figures went up by 25 per cent.”
Mcdonald’s market share went up 25% blah blah blah, you know what else went up? Kid’s weight because of your little commercial, it’s Justin fault we have fat kids. Put your milkshake down and lets sue Justin, i said unite to sue Justin not get me a muffin.

Timberlake hates gossippers

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Justin Timberlake blames celebrity magazines for turning his personal life into juicy gossip.

“I despise what they do,” the 26-year-old singer tells US magazine Details. “They create soap operas out of people’s lives. … It’s a spin game, and I choose not to take part in it.”
That includes not dishing any dirt about former girlfriends Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz.

“I would never say anything bad about anyone. I love a lot of those people,” says Timberlake.

Jusin would never say anything bad about anyone? Well except for Taylor Hicks who “Can’t carry a tune in a bucket” Caught ya bitch, but we don’t gossip here at Tasteful Celebs we just make shit up, holla!