Joss Stone hates meat

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You know she’s lying she looooooves the meat, ask grandpa Saadiq.

Joss Stone is bangin’ grandpa

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Joss Stone’s close friend has revealed Joss is dating producer Raphael Saadiq.

Publicists had tried to suppress the news. “I’ve known about their relationship for ages. Joss is always texting me about how happy she is. And it’s the real deal. I’m happy for her. She’s a great girl, and she’s really into him” Lemar told the press.

He added: “She’s doing really well in the States right now so it’s nice that she is settling down too.”

Despite the news, Joss Stone recently said: “He is from Oakland, I’m from Devon, England; he is 40, I am 19; he is American, I’m English. It’s, like, two completely different people.”

See i knew it, if she bangs someone it’s going to be someone who produces music. Enjoy the wrinkled sack, you deserve it…really.

Joss Stone: They are strippers

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Joss Stone has called her rival singers “high paid strippers”

Joss said: ‘Most singers today are just highly paid strippers. What? It’s not like I’m not telling the truth.’

We admire her honesty, but we have a feeling the girl’s not going to have many friends left soon.

And if you’re wondering who she was talking about, you might not want to look further than Christina Milian – who’s also dated her ex, Beau Dozier.

A source said: ‘Joss brought up Christina’s name in a conversation about singers she thought were using their bodies to sell records.’

Joss isn’t a stripper she wont dance for you, but if you have a MPC she’ll swallow your kids.

Joss Stone disses “Cheesy” Idol

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Joss Stone said she was a fan of “American Idol” in the first season but it’s to cheesy.
The soul singer admitted that she was a big fan of the show’s first season but has started to question the credentials of the talent contest’s judges.

“I think if you keep going with it, it’s gonna get more and more cheesy… and that’s a shame for the artists, because they just want any break,” Joss told WENN.

“There’s some great people there, like Randy [Jackson]. He has every right to judge them. But the rest of them… why are you judging these people?”

Cheesy? What is she talking about Sanjaya is a muh-fuckin’ pimp! If he won i would laugh for a month straight until i heard the news “American Idol has been canceled.” Then i would laugh even harder.

Joss Stone upskirt

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Joss continues her “slut around the town” tour here she is stopping to show us she isn’t wearing panties. Until next time this is Joss Stone.

How dare you make Joss not look like a whore

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Joss Stone is pissed with Harpers Bazaar for retouching images she took with them.
British soul star Joss Stone is reportedly furious a cover shoot she did for fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar has been retouched to erase her nose ring and change the colour of her hair.Stone dyed her naturally blonde locks pink earlier this year (07) to annoy executives at her label Relentless and is said to be angry at the magazine’s decision to digitally alter her image.

She is alleged to have said to friends, “Some fashion magazine. I’ll never work with them again.”

However a spokesperson for Harpers Bazaar denies the dispute, saying, “All we can say is that we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from (Stone’s) people.

I can’t confirm whether her nose ring and hair were digitally altered.”

So she throws a hissy fit and dyes her hair, the record company (i bet) got them to alter the pictures. I think Joss should make a sex tape to annoy executives at her label.

Joss, Aguilera will sleep with you for beats

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I have to go buy some music equipment now. Music man Dallas Austin has stated that Pop stars like Joss Stone and Christina Aguilera would offer sexual favors for his skills on they’re album. christina-aguileras-lips.gif
The Grammy-winning songwriter – who has produced songs for MICHAEL JACKSON, MADONNA and TLC – accuses the singers of being so desperate to work with him, they would offer their bodies to him and his friends – including Aguilera’s now husband, JORDAN BRATMAN. In the interview with Rowdy TV, the 36-year-old reveals details of his friends’ sexual exploits with the female singers and alleges the AIN’T NO OTHER MAN star fantasised about having a threesome with him and Bratman. Austin produced tracks on Aguilera’s STRIPPED LP in 2002, when Bratman headed the A+R department at his DARP record label. He says, “Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone… all these bitches be f**kin’ for tracks. “You go in the studio with the regular girls like CIARA and them, they just want to get their work done. F**k all these bitches f**kin’ for tracks!” In the controversial interviews, Austin claims Stone, 19, had sexual relationships with former LUCY PEARL singer RAPHAEL SAADIQ and rapper/producer NOVEL while she recorded her latest album INTRODUCING JOSS SONTE.
As much as i would like to believe this, i don’t. If you want to make a statement about someone do you really have to say “All these bitches fuckin’ for tracks.”

Joss Stone’s career is dying

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Joss Stone’s new album “Introducing Joss Stone” is ready for a huge flop, not even to hit the top 10.

The Devon-born singer has made a number of public disasters in the last few weeks, including: that infamous Brits performance, moaning about being a multi-millionaire on Chris Moyles’ Radio 1 Breakfast show and keeping her fans waiting for two hours at a recent London gig.

Now her new record, ironically titled ‘Introducing Joss Stone’, is set to flop on a huge scale.

It is being outsold by both X Factor contestans Ben Mills and Ray Quinn, as well as the new Simply Red album.

That sucks for her cause she actually has talent unlike 95% of the music industry, who would of thought complaining about being a millionaire turns people off.