Fake news fans are smarter

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According to a report fans of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are smarter then people who watch CBS, ABC and NBC. Duh i coulda told you that. Lets bomb Iran!

The overwhelming majority of people who watch cable and broadcast newscasts and topical variety shows are unable to identify the party that now controls Congress, name the current secretary of state, and name Britain’s new prime minister, according to the new Pew Survey on News Consumption. The national average for answering those three questions is only 18 percent, the study found; only 10 percent among viewers of the CBS Evening News With Katie Couric, by far the lowest ranked among the nightly news programs. The survey said that 21 percent of the viewers of NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams could answer the questions; 19 percent of the viewers of ABC World News with Charles Gibson could. Ranking higher than any of the nightly newscasts, however, were Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report and The Daily Show with 34 percent and 30 percent respectively.

Wow and this is news? I guess it’s cause Comedy Central doesn’t get the White House talking points, it’s so much easier when your told what to say right Ted Turner, General Electric, Viacom and David Westin?

Finally back!

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Ever since November 5th we got nothing but re-runs. Finally tonight the shows are back thank goodness.

Not a moment too soon to help make sense of things, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be back on duty Monday, ready to mock everything in sight.