Told ya

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In my post yesterday about Johnny Knoxville carrying a fake grenade in LAX i said how the cheesy headlines will be pouring in from news websites. Seriously what do you have to do to be considered a journalist? If it’s opening a website and writing random stuff about anything then The Office fan fiction must be pulitzer material. I still love you Sun!

Johnny Knoxville will blow you bitches up

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Johnny Knoxville was detained today at LAX for having a fake grenade in his carry-on bag. Now here comes the corny headline that everybody will be using…What a Jackass! Get it cause he did that TV show called Jackass!

TMZ is reporting that the Jackass star was in terminal 4 (American Airlines) when security screeners saw something suspicious.

Knoxville was detained, cited and released. Although the grenade was fake, the prankster was cited for carrying a “prohibited item” into an airport–replicas of weapons are not allowed.

Lolz what the hell, i like taking jokes far but carrying a fake grenade in the airport? That’s like in the middle of a flight standing up and screaming Allah Akbar! And rushing a flight attendant. Haha got you i’m not a terrorist, you should of seen your face! Now i’m on my way to Guantanamo Bay.