Who should play Michael Jackson?

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The movie on Michael Jackson’s life will be out soon i’m sure and they are already looking for somebody to play Michael Jackson. The talks right now is Johnny Depp and Jamie Foxx. Really Jamie Foxx? Wasn’t playing Ray Charles good enough? Who would be a good choice?

Johnny Depp and Jamie Foxx are rumoured to have been lined up to play Michael Jackson in film based on the singer’s incredible life, Showbiz Spy report. Insiders say Hollywood film-makers are already planning a biopic of the late star and are planning to present a number of ideas to the Jackson family once they have overcome their grief. “There are a number of offers being drawn up with a variety of angles to tell Michael’s incredible life story,” a Hollywood insider claims. “Some involve using archive footage of Michael and his family and footage from his live shows. A couple would even have an actor cast to play Michael. Jamie Foxx has been mentioned, as has Johnny Depp. It all depends on how his family decide to honour him.”

Wait Johnny Depp playing Michael Jackson? Wouldn’t Johnny have to be in black face for a while? Something tells me that wouldn’t be received well.

Holy crap

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There are reports that Johnny Depp will get $59.2 million dollars to star in the 4th Pirates of The Caribbean movie making him the highest paid actor for a single picture beating out Tom Hanks with $53.65 for The Da Vinci Code sequel.

But a movie insider insists Disney Studio bosses – who are behind the hugely successful franchise – would pay anything to keep Depp on their books.
The source tells Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, “There’s only one Johnny Depp. They simply cannot make another Pirates movie without Jack Sparrow.
“The first three films have earned $2.7 billion (GBP1.46 billion) at the box office. It’s no surprise that Disney executives want Jack back and they are willing to pay big bucks to get him.”

That is insane, i love Johnny Depp (Secret Window bitches) but does he really deserve $60 million to pretend to be a pirate infront of a camera?

Depp getting married

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Actor Johnny Depp is reportedly set to wed long-term girlfriend Vanessa Paradis this summer.
British newspaper The Daily Mail report that the couple have toyed with the idea in the past but their daughter Lily-Rose’s recent illness has ‘spurred them into action’,
The couple’s seven-year-old was hospitalised in London for nine days in March reportedly suffering from E.coli food poisoning and her condition was touch and go.
Congrats Johnny, now if you could stop doing the whole gay pirate thing.

Depp quits acting for his daughter

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Johnny Depp has vowed to give up acting until his sick daughter has made a full recovery.

Depp, 43, had been working on a new movie version of Sweeney Todd before seven-year-old Lily-Rose became ill.

She was admitted to a London hospital two weeks ago but was released on 9 March and is being looked after by Depp and his wife Vanessa Paradis.

We hope everything goes well for Johnny’s daughter, we do have a heart after all.

P.S Secret Window is one of my favorite movies