Jesus bitch slapped Ringo Starr

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Ringo Starr stated that Jesus helped him get off the drugs. I would insert a clever line about the only thing Jesus does for me is clean my gutters but that joke is soooo overdone.

“I stepped off the path there for many years and found my way back onto it, thank God.” he said at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

“I feel the older I get, the more I’m learning to handle life. Being on this quest for a long time, it’s all about finding yourself.

“For me, God is in my life. I don’t hide from that. I think the search has been on since the 1960s.”

I love when people claim that Jesus helped them. Like when George W. Bush said God helped him with alcohol. Come on take some pride in yourself! It’s called Willpower you douchebag. Then again have you heard John Lennon’s song God? Amazing song, I’m sure God helped create that song, just disregard the lyrics lolz.

John Lennon is forgiven

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A Vatican newspaper has forgiven John Lennon for saying that he is bigger than Jesus and he doesn’t know what’s gonna die first Christianity or rock and roll.

The paper dismissed Lennon’s much-criticised remark that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ as a youthful joke.

The paper described the remark as “showing off, bragging by a young English working-class musician who had grown up in the age of Elvis Presley and rock and roll and had enjoyed unexpected success”.

That’s great John Lennon is now forgiven, i was starting to get worried for the past 46 years. John can be happy now, oh wait he died 28 years ago.