Lolz John Edwards beat cancer-stricken wife

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I have a very dark sense of humor but this is too much. John Edwards beat his cancer-stricken wife when the divorce was ending according to reports. Lulz this is so evil.

Disgraced former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards struck his cancer-stricken wife during a shocking marriage-ending brawl, according to the National Enquirer, the same publication that revealed the existence of the politician’s lovechild with his mistress, Rielle Hunter.

I really think this is the worst thing a person can possibly do besides raping a baby. It’s like a bad comedy sketch, how in the hell do you beat a person with cancer? Wow I’m laughing because it’s so offensive. What’s next? A video of John Edwards beating it to footage of the Planes hitting the World Trade Center?

Ewww Daddy has a Sex Tape!

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John Edwards has a Sex Tape according to an insider. Insider as in I hope it actually does exist. What? I’m a sucker for old balls, no homo.

The source said Young believes the sex video, which he described as very graphic, was filmed when Hunter was already pregnant.

The insider also said that Edwards will do his best never to let it be seen, unless he needs the money.

More details will be likely be revealed on “20/20″ Friday night, when Bob Woodruff interviews Young about the book and working for John Edwards, the source adds.

That would be a Sex Tape i think i would really pass on. For some strange reason John Edwards reminds me of my father and not because he denied i was his son for years. A John Edwards sex tape just sounds completely unappealing. I picture a podium and everything in that bedroom.

That is so wrong

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Democratic douche John Edwards has admitted to having an affair with a old campaign employee while he’s wife battles breast cancer. WTF?!?! And i thought he a nice guy with incredible hair.

John Edwards admitted to ABC News in an interview with Bob Woodruff Friday that he repeatedly lied about an extramarital affair with a 42-year old campaign employee, but strenuously denied being involved in paying the woman hush money or fathering her newborn child. The former Democratic U.S. senator from North Carolina said he would be willing to take a paternity test and divulge the results publicly.

Ok why in the hell would he admit to the affair but deny he is the father of that baby? He has refused to take a DNA test to see if he is the father. Wouldn’t it be easier to deny the affair? Now he’ll bascially be forced to take a DNA test. I say we settle this Maury style. John is such an ass for doing this to his wife who’s battling freckin’ cancer!

Awww snizap

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Democrat politician John Edwards has got alotta splaining to do! The National Enquirer has gotten ahold of some pix showing John holding his love child that he says doesn’t exists. See politicians are just as horny as you.