Jessica Biel showing us all a little side boob

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My favorite part onJessica Biel is that ass. Goodness gracious. I wonder if she has to have all her clothing redesigned and fitted just to fit that bodacious booty inside of them. When she buys jeans she has to shop in the ‘baby got back’ section of the store. Its a little section in the back where only girls with nice asses are allowed. I’veinvestigatedthis, its legit.

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Jessica Biel is apparently going to a prom after the Total Recall Premiere

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Who the hell shows up to a movie premiere about a futuristic lifestyle wearing something that looks like it could be found in a 60′s movie about a girl who is about to go to prom with the guy of her dreams? This is an epic failure, that dress looks absolutely ridiculous on her, and she’s hot. So this dress ruined it.

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Jessica Biel looks Older when fully clothed

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Its almost like all the chicks I used to think were hot are getting really old. I recently posted a gallery showing off Jessica Biel’s magnificent ass, but these pictures of her face close up, even with makeup are not flattering at all. They actually look some what scary to see how old she looks. Even with makeup. Perhaps she was just tired from the beach, perhaps she’s just tired of partying. She’s still really good looking one way or the other, just not like the old Jessica Biel. I’d have to see her in person to know… Invitation is open Jessica?

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Jessica Biel in a Bikini showing off her Fantastic Booty

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Holy bajeebus! Her ass is, well, hold bajeebus! That ass is… (fill in a word that means wonderful). She is definitely a step above some one like Jennifer Lopez in my opinion. Not just because she looks withered, but because her ass looks like it has more cellulite andtighteningcream on it then a nice rump, like Jessica Biel. Now that we have that out of the way, lets get back to looking at Jessica Biel’sass.

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I’d still slap her face with it

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I talked a few days about how most girls don’t look great without makeup on. Well here’s Jessica Biel without hers on and i guess I’m not always right i guess? Ok I’m not totally wrong, Jessica is the only girl that looks great without makeup so suck on it. I’m never completely wrong because I’m perfect and your not.

Angelina and Lady GaGa licked each other

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This has to be the weirdest rumor of all times. Rumor is that Angelina Jolie and Lady GaGa had a little affair, i even feel silly saying this. It’s probably true though.

Ian Halperin, author of the recent bestseller Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, a source close to the actress told him that there was recently a secret rendezous between the two at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel that lasted all night.

It sounds crazy but looking at Angelina’s insane past it’s pretty believable. When your the hottest actress why would you want Lady GaGa though? If i was Angelina i would be requesting Jessica Biel or Scarlett Johansson, better yet i would have Keeley Hazell delivered to my house.

That seems like fun

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Here’s a new photoshoot with Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner. I’m not sure why they got together for this shoot and i really don’t care to find out unless they’re doing some kind of lesbian sex tape for Vivid Video. Speaking of Vivid did you ever watch the full Chyna sex tape? That has to be the worst sex tape ever, she gives decent mouth hugs but can you imagine looking down and seeing that face blowing you? I’ve had some rough patches in my life with hideous people and I’m proud to say i never wondered before they got naked if they have a bigger penis than me. Sadly Chyna’s penis is a decent size. Click here to see Chyna naked on Howard Stern, it’s NSFW so be careful and good luck.


You can’t tame the sexy….back

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Justin Timberlake was never going to commit to Jessica Biel claims Justin’s Grandmother…Wait what? Lolz yeah Justin Timberlake’s Grandmama did a interview about his relationship.

Sadie Bomar told Closer magazine: “Jessica was keen to marry, but Justin isn’t ready. He’s busy writing new material and he works hard to be successful – he’s really focused on that.

“As far as we’re concerned, he’s always been single. The girlfriends come and go, but we believe nothing has ever been serious. Justin does his own thing and he isn’t ready to marry just yet.”

What the hell? Does Justin tell his Grandmother everything? My Grandmother thinks I’m married with two kids, she also thinks i have a English accent. I don’t know how i pulled that off but it’s pretty entertaining during the holiday season.