Jennifer Anniston shows off her nipples, and her aging face

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Well damn, those are some mighty perky titties and those nipples appear to be a little cold or you just rubbed some ice cubes on them bad boys before you decided to stroll through the movie set with them pointing like they’re giving directions for your body to go to. However, minus the make up and that face… eh. looking pretty withered. Thank goodness your body is still hot.

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I woulda totally popped a boner

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I always wondered how these guys in the movies never get really horny during one of these scenes. I’m sure it happens. How awkward does that have to be? I’m embarrassed when a girl wants to have sex and it’s leading to that and it’s really obvious I’m excited, I mean would our parents be mad at us? Ohhh snap incest joke! Anywho I would be walking around with a massive erection if Jennifer Aniston was riding me like that. Would i be embarrassed? Hellz no because in a 6 degrees sort of way I nearly had sex with Angelina Jolie.

Reunited and it feels soooo good

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There are reports that Brad Pitt is ready to split with Angelina Jolie and get back together with Jennifer Aniston.

“Brad longs for the serenity and fun he had in his life when he was with Jen and he can’t wait to get back together with her,” a source told Now magazine.

However, Jen, who split from the actor in 2005, is said to have stipulated that she would only reunite with Brad if he left Angelina.

“Jen’s made it ?clear she’s not interested in talking to Brad until Angelina’s out of his life,” the source said.

Jennifer noooo! Don’t do it! The best thing in life to do is when a ex wants back you kick them when their down and laugh that they have to raise a kid alone with a crappy job. Shouldn’t have eff’ed up you bad bad person.

Jennifer Aniston is too normal

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Jennifer Aniston acts and looks way too normal to me. With some celebrities you can just look at them and see they are probably douches in real life. With Jennifer it’s like she probably drives herself everywhere and doesn’t wanna bother hiring a maid. Get snobby on us bitch! Fire your staff and get Mariah Carey on us! Make some kids cry or punch some homeless people so we know you really belong in Hollywood.

TC gets around the net

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TC gets around the net

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Jennifer Aniston is saving the environment

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Jennifer Aniston brushes her teeth while showering, to help save the environment.
The former ‘Friends’ star claims she always cleans her gnashers and body at the same time to save water and electricity.

Jennifer said: Some things are important for the world to know – like how long I shower. Seriously, I take a three-minute shower.

“I even brush-wash – brush my teeth while I shower.

“Every two minutes in the shower uses as much water as a person in Africa uses for everything in their life for a whole day!”

When Jennifer is taking her 3 minute shower big gay Travolta is flying over her house in his Boeing 707. It’s cool we’ll have lots of water when it’s 100 degrees in December!