Porn on stage

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Hayden Panettiere acting like a whore

Danielle Lloyd Whores Up The New Nuts Magazine

CoCo goes nude (NSFW)

Jessica Alba’s first nude scene

Eva Mendes banned topless video ad

Heidi Klum goes topless

I’m always talking about how Rihanna is doing softcore porn on stage, well the Queen of it has to be Janet Jackson. Ms. Jackson is in her 40′s and still dry humping on stage, judging by the look on his face Janet better check for a baby.

Jenna Jameson’s sister

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Aubrey O’Day, just another whore i wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for the internet. According to Wikipedia she’s a member of some girl pop group. I’ll be waiting for Jenna Loves Aubrey any day now.

Coming to a DVD bargain bin near you

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Here are some stills from Jenna Jameson’s new movie “Zombie Strippers” yes that’s the real name. The even lamer part of this movie is it’s not even a porn. What the eff? Keep reading for the rest of the pix, hey there’s boobs!

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She’s a star damn it!

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How can you look at the face of Jenna Jameson and tell me she isn’t a star? By the way, she isn’t wearing red lipstick it’s just a really bad case of herpes.

Jenna is REALLY trying

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Jenna Jameson is really trying. Here Jenna is stealing the whole half naked posing for Peta thing. Jenna you totally could of made it years ago!

Thirsting for…fame

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Jenna Jameson can almost taste the fame, she can feel it ready to bust all over her face. It’s so close to her. In the meantime she’s going to every movie premier she can whoring the red carpet. I feel bad for Tito, he just wants to stay home and bang the former Queen of porn.

Jenna isn’t giving up

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Jenna Jameson is determined to make it in Hollywood. What more do you want people? She’s about the right weight and she can always leak her own sex tape if that’s what it takes. Face it you always wanted to know what Jenna looks like naked.

Jenna tries sooo hard

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Poor Jenna Jameson, she’s trying so hard to fit in with Hollywood. Maybe if she still looked like this it would work a little better. Now she looks like Joan Rivers’ long lost sister.