Noooo!!! Jenna Fischer engaged

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One of my Hollywood obsessions Jenna Fischer is engaged according to reports.

She’s engaged on NBC‘s “The Office,” and now, Jenna Fischer can say the same in real life. Her spokesman, Lewis Kay, says the 35-year-old actress and her boyfriend, screenwriter Lee Kirk, became engaged in Paris on June 30.

Kay says the couple have been dating since January 2008.

Fischer was previously married to filmmaker James Gunn. They announced their split in September 2007 after six years of marriage.

I fell in love with Jenna on The Office, i wonder how she is in real life? I’ll just pretend her real name is Pam. Jim is soooo not going to like that!

My future wife

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Jenna Fischer attended some Office event looking like she wants me to start stalking her. She is just so eff’in perfect. Jenna looks like the sweet girl you meet at the Mall who is kinda quiet and you can’t tell if she’s interested or not so you do the pimp thing by flirting a little, giving her your number and cutting the conversation short. Later that night she’s taking kids on the face. You welcome.

Holy shiite Jenna Fischer

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Jenna Fischer showed up at the 09′ Sag awards looking hot as hell! Seriously if i was there i would of risked jail just to dry hump her leg for 5 seconds. Girls like that i can’t hold a decent conversation with, they’ll say something like “how are you doing?” And my response is “So your saying you wanna fu*k?” Yeah my restraining orders are stacking up.

Pam Beesly is smoking hot

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Jenna Fischer posed for the new issue of Self magazine. Jenna is hot in a weird way, she’s not normal hot if that makes sense. I bet she’s a freak in bed or maybe that’s just how i think about every normal looking chick, chances are they are freaks cause they gotta make up for alot.