Janest Jacksons had even more Work Done, and it Looks Horrific

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Holy shit! Who ever did her nose, her cheeks, her eyes, her… well.. her face. Needs to be sued because they messed her entire face up! It looks like its about 6 different colors, and that’s with the makeup trying to cover it up. I’d hate to see what it looks like once she comes out of she shower. The insides of her nose alone looks like some one started to mold it with wax and just gave up halfway through.

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Hahaha it’s funny because she’s deformed!

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Motorola debuted their new commercial at the Super Bowl yesterday and the blogs went nuts with the fact that while Megan Fox was naked in the hot tub she had a body double….a hand double. I really can’t believe Megan did this commercial, she had to kn0w she would be made fun of, then again for $100000000 million i would pull a Kenneth Pinyan infront of the 100 million people that watched. Nothing like watching a bunch of guys tackle each other and cut to me getting rammed hard by a horse. And you thought Janet Jackson could shock.

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Janet been fu*king food up!

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Some new pix of Janet Jackson out and about was released on the internets earlier today. DAAAMN what the hell happend? Janet can go from one extreme to the other within 4 months, she can have those famous abs one second and look like Aretha Franklin’s clone the next. The stomach fetish club i invented is severely disappointed today.

Janet’s nipple going to the Supreme Court

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The Government has asked the Supreme Court to reimpose a half-million-dollar fine slapped on CBS television for a 2004 broadcast of live images of pop star Janet Jackson’s breast according to reports.

It is up to the Supreme Court to decide whether it will consider the request.

Prosecutors are asking the high court justices to weigh in on a case that raised eyebrows and stirred passions in the United States, where nudity on non-pay television is a no-no in advertising, while rare and limited to late-night hours in television series.

Why do i think that the Government is going to ask for every angle of every video/picture from the Janet boob flash? It is a pretty genius way to be able to look at nudity without getting busted and called a perv for it (honey it’s a case i’m trying to work on!) Cause we know damn well they really don’t give an eff about the kids. Tons of other countries show nudity at night and they’re still smarter and healthier than us so i don’t think a 42 year old’s nipple damaged us that much.

Janet Jackson hospitalized

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Breaking news! Breaking news! Tap Tap Tap! Singer Janet Jackson was hospitalized after falling ill shortly before a concert.

According to statement released by W&W Public Relations, the singer canceled her concert in Montreal on Monday after she “got suddenly ill” during her sound check and had to be rushed to the hospital just before show time.

This doesn’t have anything to do with her weight does it? Just saying…

Porn on stage

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I’m always talking about how Rihanna is doing softcore porn on stage, well the Queen of it has to be Janet Jackson. Ms. Jackson is in her 40′s and still dry humping on stage, judging by the look on his face Janet better check for a baby.

Ms. Jackson needs Jenny Craig

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Come on Janet Jackson fans i know your ready to attack, it’s not like it’s impossible for her to lose the weight after all she had the sexiest abs on the planet. I’m just telling her to drop Mcdonald’s (and JD) for a while. It’s for the best.

Janet’s boob isn’t worth half a million

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A federal court threw out the FCC’s $550,000 fine against CBS for Janet Jackson’s famous boob flash at the 2004 Super Bowl saying the FCC acted “arbitrarily and capriciously.”

A federal appeals court on Monday threw out a $550,000 indecency fine against CBS Corp. for the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show that ended with Janet Jackson’s breast-baring “wardrobe malfunction.”

The three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Federal Communications Commission “acted arbitrarily and capriciously” in issuing the fine for the fleeting image of nudity.

It’s amazing people still talk about Janet’s boob “slip.” Isn’t it obvious what happen? Janet was promoting satanic sex cult through her huge nipple ring. Just for shiz and giggles keep reading for the above pic uncensored that you’ve seen 8000 times.

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