The biggest dumbass…in the world!

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A dumbass Wal-Mart employee made duplicate copies of Jamie Lynn Spears pictures which her boyfriend took, one of the pix include Jamie Lynn breastfeeding.

He then took his memory card to the local Wal-Mart to be printed but police now think an employee made duplicate copies and has tried to sell them on, breaking prohibited pornography laws because Spears is underage.

How stupid can you be? You have pix of an underage topless celebrity and you try to sell them? This guy deserves life in prison and an anal pounding everyday for being such a moron.

Juno had her baby

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Naw just kidding Juno was pretty hot with a little thing called a personality. Anywho Britney Spears’ baby sister, 17 year old Jamie Lynn Spears had her baby girl yesterday.

Britney Spears’ 17-year-old sister Jamie Lynn, star of Nickelodeon’s popular TV show “Zoey 101,” has given birth to a baby girl, People magazine reported on Thursday.

Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to Maddie Briann on Thursday morning at a hospital in Mississippi, the magazine said.

Congrats to her brother Billy Bob and the rest of her family

So depressing

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Doesn’t this depress you? The 16 year old pregnant unwed role-model Jamie Lynn Spears goes shopping. That’s soooo Zoey!

Well that’s depressing

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The unwed 15 year old pregnant “actress” Jamie Lynn Spears bought herself some flowers yesterday.

Damn that’s harsh

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I seen this on Hollyrude and had to post it. The word going around the Spears’ family is Jamie Lynn Spears’ birth was a mistake, ouch!

Britney Spearsí younger, pregnant sister, Jamie Lynn Spears was an accident, just like her unborn baby ó her uncle has claimed.

That’s gotta make you feel a little weird knowing you really wasn’t suppose to be born. I can kind of relate cause my dad didn’t want me to be born either, instead of getting a vasectomy so he couldn’t get a woman pregnant he punched me when i was still in the stomach. I’m not kidding either i just thought you deserved a little depression on this nice Sunday afternoon.

Great role model

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Hey kids it’s the star of Zoey 101 Jamie Lynn Spears! See what happens to your body when you decide to be a whore? You get fat and no guy with any self esteem will date you. You end up alone with your 12 cats, hurray for skanky hoes!

Who’s the baby daddy

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16 year old whore/Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn has been dumped by boyfriend Casey Aldridge because he doubts he is the father, it has been claimed.
Jamie Lynn, 16, has yet to confirm Aldridge as the father and insiders say the pair’s relationship has been shaky for months.
Casey’s doubts have been revealed by a pal of Jamie Lynn’s troubled sister Britney Spears.

Mama Spears must be so proud, her two daughters turned out so well.

Is Jamie Lynn’s show cancelled or not?

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I can’t figure it out. Some reports say that “Zoey 101″ has been cancelled some are saying that’s not true.

A show source said: “Nickelodeon bosses are still undecided whether to air season four or not. For now, it looks like it has been canned.”

It’s simple Nickelodeon cancel her freakin’ show before you get more crap thrown at you. But money is a weakness to the pimps so i doubt it will be.