Telling it like it is

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Jamie Lee Curtis is pissed! She was shocked when the harmless photo was cropped to make it look as if she was topless on the cover of the new issue of the publication – because she was actually just baring her shoulders.

“Isn’t it fascinating that this constitutes being naked. What the ‘f’ are we talking about? In my world, this is called strapless. And yet they had to sell this magazine; I didn’t go around saying I was topless.” The actress insists she’d never go topless, and regrets the times she has bared her breasts in the past. She adds, “I have a 21-year-old daughter in college and a 12-year-old son; if I could take back Trading Places today I would because I didn’t know I was gonna have a child… when I was 21 and I exposed my breasts in a movie.”

About time somebody said it, it pisses me off when a celebrity does a “nude” shoot and they show nothing. I expect some Penthouse type shots, if i don’t get them next time i’m suing!