Who should play Michael Jackson?

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The movie on Michael Jackson’s life will be out soon i’m sure and they are already looking for somebody to play Michael Jackson. The talks right now is Johnny Depp and Jamie Foxx. Really Jamie Foxx? Wasn’t playing Ray Charles good enough? Who would be a good choice?

Johnny Depp and Jamie Foxx are rumoured to have been lined up to play Michael Jackson in film based on the singer’s incredible life, Showbiz Spy report. Insiders say Hollywood film-makers are already planning a biopic of the late star and are planning to present a number of ideas to the Jackson family once they have overcome their grief. “There are a number of offers being drawn up with a variety of angles to tell Michael’s incredible life story,” a Hollywood insider claims. “Some involve using archive footage of Michael and his family and footage from his live shows. A couple would even have an actor cast to play Michael. Jamie Foxx has been mentioned, as has Johnny Depp. It all depends on how his family decide to honour him.”

Wait Johnny Depp playing Michael Jackson? Wouldn’t Johnny have to be in black face for a while? Something tells me that wouldn’t be received well.

Jamie Foxx comes up with horrible show

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Jamie Foxx who was really funny in that comedy show 15 years ago is coming up with some crap show for VH1 and MTV. No wonder why people don’t watch TV anymore.
The Oscar-winning actor and his business partners, Jaime Rucker King and Marcus King, are already developing a project under their two-year production deal with the sibling cable channels: “From Gs to Gents,” an MTV series in which guys compete to become gentlemen.
Yeah “Gangsta’s” becoming gentlemen I’m sure that will be a huge hit for the lame TV channels (Best Week Ever is awesome though)