CoCo in Playboy *VIDEO*

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CoCo posted a new video of her shooting for a upcoming issue of Playboy. Funny how watching this video (Below) you’ll see more than you will in the actual magazine. Yeah I’ve never been a fan of Playboy, really what’s the point? Sure it made more sense in the 90′s. Is Playboy really going to be around in 5 years? Anybody wanna bet on that? Speaking of which will Hugh Hefner even be around then? Congrats CoCo and now i will ponder how the hell Ice-T pulled that off.

Keep reading for the uncensored video.

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Speaking of plastic…

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CoCo! Ice-T’s classy not-real-looking-at-all wife. You gotta love this woman. That ass is so unrealistic, her body is like a cartoon or something. Think about it would Ice T really be interested in this? Didn’t think so.