He’s a serial killer, i know it

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Here’s Hilary Duff out with her brand new husband, look at him he still has that new smell. No offense to the guy but he makes me feel better about myself, if he can get Hilary I think i could pull some hot tang. While I’m feeling great about myself i’m totally dismissing the fact that his parents are millionaires and he plays for the NFL. So what, i woke up all by myself and picked out my own clothes to wear. Soooo yeah take dat take dat



My heart is broken

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Hilary Duff is married and i slipped into a mini-depression looking at the pictures of her in the wedding dress. She looked great and i’m alone and sad. Why did she have to marry that douchebag? I’m a nice guy that looks mighty handsome. I’m not saying I’ll pull a Charles Haddon, mainly because i’m scared of heights. I’m only kidding…sorta. Married life is doing great for Hilary’s body, now can we get some bikini pictures before Global Warming sets in and we all die? Ha that doesn’t exist anyway, i bet one of Al Gore’s “Massage Therapist” told him that story.

I like when she dresses up

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Hilary Duff dressed up for something she went to. I usually don’t like a girl dressed up but that jacket and shirt is so sexy. Look at those legs in them pants, Holy Xenu why is she getting married? That body doesn’t belong in a marriage.


Women shouldn’t take pix with Hilary

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This is a great example that shows no girl in the whole wide world can compete with Hilary Duff. Her skin is insanely perfect. I’m positive this girl doesn’t have one flaw on her body, well I take that back her only flaw is her fiance…What a douche. If she pulls a Christina Aguilera and becomes less attractive I’m going to totally Michael Blosil myself.


Hilary’s engagement…in pictures

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These pictures of Hilary Duff really brought me the Lolz. It’s a great story of the happiness of getting married…and then going down on your future husband. It’s so great. The first picture she’s like “OMG” Second pic “OMG Yes!” Third pic “OMG It’s so shiny!” 4th picture? Self explanatory. Is it that easy to get a girl to go down on you? Sure i’ll go to hell for proposing to a different girl every 2 weeks but who the hell cares about those whores anyway.

Take that ring and shove it up your ass

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Here’s some new Hilary Duff pix showing off her ring. Meh….I give it 6 months…Hopefully. Your rushing it Hilary! I heard the guy was caught a few months ago banging 3 hookers in Jersey. Sure i made it up but it could be true.

Hilary and her insane body

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Hilary Duff left her vacation guys! I’m thinking that i should just change this site to strictly the latest Hilary pix. She is 5’1 and she has the perfect body. Girls with that body, i can’t control myself. It’s their fault. If they didn’t want me dry humping them in the grocery store line they shouldn’t look like that….Happy Sunday!


Hilary is engaged. Where’s my gun to shoot myself?

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Hilary Duff and her boyfriend Mike Comrie have gotten engaged, according to reports. No more Hilary posts today… I promise….

The 22-year-old actress and pro hockey player, 29, decided to wed last weekend while vacationing in Hawaii, reports E!.

“After having been together for over two years, they are very excited to share this happy news. They are thankful for all of your warm wishes,” Duff’s representative said in a statement.

Hilary is 22 years old. Is it really that smart to be married at such a young age? Lets let my obsession go and talk in general. At 22 years old are you really ready for marriage? I’m 24 and wouldn’t get married no matter what, i never understood marriage and why it’s so important. Eff all eyes on the bride, i want to come out last and be the center of attention.