Can Vivid like Censor a Sex Tape?

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So it’s looking like the Heidi Montag’s Sex Tape may be coming out and more details are-a-cumming. According to reports one tape features Heidi and Playmate Karissa Shannon getting it on yo.

Montag first took to the social networking site to express her frustration at ex-husband Spencer Pratt, posting one word to her page on the social networking site on Friday, when the news broke. “Crying,” she said, before pleading with her followers: “Please send me your prayers and love I need it!”

But on Saturday evening, “The Hills” star went much further, posting: “@spencerpratt F U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I was thinking about this upcoming Sex Tape and i was wondering if Vivid would listen to me and release a copy with Heidi Montag’s face censored out? I would be willing to pay for it. Everytime i look at her face i get very angry and feel like jumping in my SUV and running over everyone shopping at Hot Topic. Hopefully Karissa Shannon can save this Sex Tape.

You gonna fap to this? I’m not

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heidi-montag1 [1024x768]

Spencer Pratt is in talks with Vivid Video to release a Heidi Montag Sex Tape. Is anybody turned on by the thought of a Heidi Montag Sex Tape? Well Heidi is totally sad by this news yall! She doesn’t want her video to be seen by the public! Spencer is trying to sell the snuff film for $5 million and Vivid seems to be pleased by that price. The Sex Tape market is getting flooded with crappy videos and I for one am sick of it. Can we please get one whore to at least swallow? It’s 2010 you skanks. keep up with Shanda that’s hanging out on the corner. She’s not doing it for $5 million, she just loves the taste. God i hate Heidi’s face. Everytime i see her i wish i was hanging around New York in late 2001.

Lolz Look a freak!

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I really do feel sorry for Heidi Montag, she looks absolutely horrible and she’s only 23 years old. You must have really low self-esteem to change yourself at such a young age. Don’t get me wrong if i had the money i would laser remove the hair on my balls because i get tired of shaving once a week. Pubic hair is so ugly, it’s such a turn-on to be completely shaved and tuck it between your legs and dance to the Black Eyed Peas song Imma Be.

Your embarrassing yourself

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Heidi Montag and her husband took some pix while they were out in Las Vegas. Wouldn’t you hate to have a lifestyle like that? Imagine calling the paparazzi everytime you go somewhere. Imagine waking up everyday knowing you have to do something crazy just to stay in the spotlight. I got an idea for Heidi, have you seen the Cum Omelette video? That’ll get you crazy attention yo!

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Just stop it

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Ok i have to ask again, what are these douches famous for again? I know Wikipedia says they star on MTV’s The Hills. Ok do they do movies or something? I don’t get it? Jesus Christ thank God i don’t live in Hollywood cause i would so be in jail right now for smacking these bitches up while their awkwarding kissing for the cameras.

Boo Hooo I’m talentless

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Fake sources tell TC that somebody told Hedi Montag that she really isn’t famous and has no talent and within 2 years nobody will remember who she is. I don’t feel like using Wikipedia so could somebody tell me who this skank is?