Heather Graham looking sophisticated and tittylicious

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Sexy and sophisticated, Heather Graham is certainly running all cylinders on the hotness meter to accomplish this. She looks pretty damn sexy and those boobs are popping out just saying ‘hello, take a peak, but don’t stare, we’re sophisticated today’. But you can’t help but stare anyway, because these are pics and she won’t see you.

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Heather Graham naked again

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Heather Graham is naked and has a little lesbian scene in her latest movie Boogie Woogie, sure it’s a dumb title of a movie and the movie probably sucks but so did Killing me Softly (NSFW clicky) and i watched that 50 times.

Keep reading to see the scene I beez talkin’ bout’ Willis. 18+

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Heather Graham doesn’t age

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When i seen these new pictures of Heather Graham the first thing i did was check to see how old she is. Heather hasn’t aged a day since Boogie Nights. She is still sexy as hell, hopefully when she gets older she doesn’t go the Meg Ryan route with the plastic surgery. Keep reading to see how old she is, i’m sure you checked already you cheating bastard! Now excuse i have some scenes from Killing me softly to watch

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Heather Graham is in Shape

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Heather Graham shape
Heather Graham is so underrated it’s ridiculous. She is a great actress, gets naked in movies and does lesbian scenes. What more could Hollywood or anybody else want?

TC gets around the net

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mariah-carey-vh1.jpg britney-lets-paparazzi-come-into-the-bathroom-with-her2.jpgwhoreboobs.jpg
You better not watch Mariah Carey pee!- The Blemish
Video of Britney taking stranger to the bathroom with her- Yeeeah
Some whore and her implants- Popoholic
Heather Graham kissing another girl in some movie (i never seen this before)- Egotastic
Ali Larter getting it on- Vidi Mag
Tricia Helfer nipple slip- HollywoodOOps
heather-graham-lesbian-kiss.jpg ali.jpgtricia-helfer-nipple-slip3.jpg
Pink and her husband split, Pink will now eat pink full time- Derek Hail
Slut having a upskirt- Celeb Parasite
Emma Cornell in the hottest outfit ever- The Bastardly
Jessica Alba may be a bitch but i’d hit it, maybe- Slack Of All Trades
pinkshowstit2.jpg panties.jpgzoomag_emmacornell_08260701.jpg

Student tasered for asking John Kerry a question

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You’ve probably seen the video by now. Anyway a student was asking John Kerry a question about voter fraud, then police rush to grab him (makes sense right?) The college student starts asking everybody in the room are they seeing this? Next thing you hear the Student ask the police to “not taser me bro.” But they do. Local10 gives you the shocking details
A University of Florida student was Tasered and arrested after trying to ask U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., about the 2004 election and other subjects during a campus forum.
There had to be tons of cops there and your telling me they couldn’t force him down to cuff him? If that didn’t work they could of pepper sprayed his ass but no they used the same device that has been used on a eight months pregnant woman, and a 14 year old child. At least 152 people have died in the U.S from the use of a taser since 2001. Here’s Heather Graham to keep you interested.
Heather Graham2 1Heather Graham 1Heather Graham4 1Heather Graham3 1

Lindsay Lohan’s new movie sucks

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There’s a fresh candidate in the running for worst movie of 2007 honors.

I Know Who Killed Me,” a ridiculous thriller (minus the thrills) starring the embattled Lindsay Lohan in a dual role, has all the hallmarks necessary for qualification: A nonsensical plot that grows sillier by the second, tawdry special effects, heavy-handed symbolism that’s big on electric-blue hues and mechanical performances are all culprits as far as the title’s concerned.

We’ll probably never know whether Lohan’s most recent difficulties took their toll on the picture’s box office potential, because either way, this movie doesn’t even warrant one star. It was released on Friday without screening in advance for critics.- Source

Screw that, i know you’d rather see some boobs anyway.
hk-arena-02.jpg jodiemarsh.jpgkim-kardashian-playboy-mansion0a1.jpg
Heidi Klum ass- The Blemish
Jodie Marsh wears a nipple belt- Weak Game
Kim Kardashian boobs will be in Playboy- Derek Hail
Heather Graham is still sexy as hell- Drunken Stepfather
Jennifer Lopez’s ass is still huge- Celeb Slam
CoCo huge boobs- The Bastardly
Demi Moore nude thirty years ago- Yeeeah (NSFW)

heather_graham.jpg j-lo-grande-ass-front.jpgcoco-07210728.jpgdemi_moore1.png
britneyhorriblesong.jpg jessica-simpson-nude8.jpggemma5.jpg
Britney’s new horrible song?- Celebrity Smack
Jessica Simpson offered to be a porn star- D Listed
More Gemma boobs- Celebrity Scoop

Heather Graham gives guys hives

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Jason Hughes who did a love scene with Heather Graham in “Killing me Softly” had a “Nervous reaction” and even got hives.
Heather Graham is so sexy, she brought a co-star out in a nervous rash before shooting a love scene with her. British comedian Jason Hughes, who had to simulate sex with Graham for the 2002 film Killing me softly, was shocked when he stripped for the scene and found himself covered the bizarre hives. Hughes, 35 says, “After putting on boxers, a T-shirt and a robe, I needed to go to the loo. I undid the robe and looked down in horror, “I was covered in a rash, like I’d been stung all over my body by nettles. “I sat on the toilet with my head in my hands.” Luckily a nurse was on hand and provided antihistamines for what she called his “nervous reaction”.
Heather Graham is so freckin’ sexy I’m not surprised, instead of “hives” i would have a problem the medical company calls “Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome” (Wikipedia is great)