I’d bust on that stomach

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I find Hayden Panettiere extremely annoying, thankfully my freaky stomach fetish trumps my annoyance of her. The video (below) is kind of creepy. How much do these people make a year following these celebrities around? Hopefully they pull in at least 100k a year. Then again If i can see sexy stomach’s all day i would pay TMZ 100k a year to film it…And beat off at the same time. What Hayden, it’s only a penis calm down.

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Hayden as a brunette…booo

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Hayden Panettiere showed off her new brunette hair today. It’s amazing just with that hair it looks like she gained 30 lbs. I’m usually crazy and actually prefer brunettes but it doesn’t work for every girl and here’s a great example. Ewww she looks like a normal girl and in Hollywood normal looking people sleep on the street and give tug jobs for crack money.

Hayden is 35

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I never believed that Hayden Panettiere is 20 years old. Doesn’t she look about 40? And that is some sort of compliment i think, well not really because i never really noticed the appeal. Plus she’s attracted to older guys… Ewww? I’m not the one to talk because i have an unhealthy obsession with older women. Blame my first grade teacher that touched me in the naughty place during nap-time while I slept on my mat.

Your annoying go away

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Hayden Panettiere appeared at some red carpet event, i don’t know what event and who cares anyway? Hayden is one of those people that you don’t want to be near, it’s like God leave me alone you have nothing to offer. She has no body and the personality of a Mormon, i take that back because Mormon’s can keep you entertained on a Sunday afternoon after arriving at your house on their sweet mountain bikes. Not a easy thing riding up the hill on a 10 speed.

And now the video

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Still contemplating watching Heroes? Well here’s the teaser clip of Hayden Panettiere‘s upcoming lesbian scene. Are they really pushing this storyline this hard? Just last night i seen 2 drunk bitches making out outside a gas station while a drunk was in the store stealing beer, call me crazy but that sounds alot more interesting. The drunk also has a special power, the power to not work and live off $20 a year.

Like I said…

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Like i said on Monday Hayden Panettiere will be having some sort of lesbian “relations” on the new season of Heroes, well now here’s a promo picture! Don’t ya just wanna watch and see what happens now? A few things wrong already that i see. First how old is the chick she’s making out with? Ok i found out she’s 24, bitch please you at least 30. Secondly wouldn’t it be better to see her bang a black guy? Mmmm interracial porn.

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You must watch Heroes Monday @ 8pm

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Hayden Panettiere let everyone know that she will have some sort of lesbian relationship in the new season of Heroes…Wait that show is still on the air? Oh snap yes i did.

The Canadian star, who plays cheerleader Claire Bennett in the sci-fi series, will fall for her college roommate, Madeleine Zima, in an upcoming plotline and she reveals it was her idea to get sexy with another girl.

She explains, “I kinda threw it out there… They (writers) put you in relationships and I was like, ‘Can I just be with a girl or something…? Let’s do that.’

“So they took it and ran with it. She’s a great girl… and we have a blast.”

Is it the handful of pills I just took to go to sleep or does this sound desperate? Hasn’t the ratings of that show dropped like crazy? Ok I’ll play along. I also heard that in a upcoming episode Hayden will give the first ever BJ on network television, it’s simulated but still very hot but to see the scene you must watch every episode. I’m waiting for my check NBC.

Hayden topless…You welcome

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Finally the scene we haven’t been waiting for, Hayden Panettiere topless in her latest movie! Remind you I was the first one on the internets with the video. Now here’s the video with better quality. I still don’t get the whole talk behind this scene. Even the topless scene is overrated, I’d hate to see the actual movie.

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