Boobies of the day

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Here’s some new Halle Berry pix. I’m out of stuff to post on a Saturday, i think celebrities are smart not to have an upskirt or leak a nude picture on the weekend cause it wouldn’t get as much press as a it would on a weekday. Anywho…it’s boobies be happy

I might watch a Halle Berry movie

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Scarlett Johansson lesbian scene

Elisha Cuthbert rare sex scene

Hilary Duff slutty in Maxim

WWE Diva Mickie James nude (NSFW)

Lindsay Lohan drunk nipples

Sarah Silverman is sexy as hell

Halle Berry was on the set of some movie dressed like a 1930′s hooker, speaking of which what did they dress like? Anyway nice boots Halle. Keep reading for the uncensored boobs

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Halle does Esquire

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Here’s the new Halle Berry pix from her October 08′ issue of Esquire, in the issue they call her the Sexiest Woman Alive. Really Halle Berry? Ok she has a decent face with a nice rack but the hottest? Hellz no. That title belongs to Anne Hathaway.

Finally the outtakes are here

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Halle Berry had her hottest photoshoot in 2007 for Esquire, i’ve been waiting for outtakes since then. Finally they are here. Boobies! Just don’t look her in the eyes, no problem there.

Talentless fatties can be a diva too

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Jennifer Lopez left Store Assistants angry when she demanded the store be shut down so she can shop alone. Oh yeah and her bodyguards showed some guns telling them that J-ho gets a 50% discount. Wow i guess the stories about her being broke are true.

A spy tells Page Six: “She demanded the store be shut down for her to shop alone, but they said, ‘Absolutely not.

“Then one of her eight-person entourage, including two bodyguards with their guns showing, was yelling at the clerk that Jennifer gets a 50 percent discount.

Stories like this make me laugh, these people really believe the hype that the yes people that work for her tell her. The funniest story i’ve heard is some workers that were doing Halle Berry’s house wasn’t allowed to speak to her unless spoken to. What the eff? Bitch, your a d-lister where did you get a ego from?

Can Halle stay pregnant?

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That’s as perfect as Halle Berry has ever looked. This woman should stay pregnant. I’m sure when you take off all that makeup she still looks good, probably not don’t ruin it for me.

TC gets around the net

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hayden-eva-11180701.jpg miley-cyrus-ama.jpghilary-duff.jpg
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Hayden Panettiere upskirt- Drunken Stepfather
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TC gets around the net

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willisberry.jpg britneybraless.jpgcanipples.jpg
Bruce Willis really likes Halle Berry’s boobs- Plicks
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Christina Aguilera with tape over her nipples- True Scandals
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Vida Guerra and her perfect ass- Celebrity Beta
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