Guy getting $0 from Madonna?

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Madonna and ex husband Guy Ritchie will be heading to divorce court Friday according to reports. It’s rumored Guy wont be getting a CENT from Madonna.

British media reported Thursday that the celebrity pair had reached a settlement which would see the pop superstar keep the majority of her estimated 300 million pound ($445 million) fortune and share custody of two of her children with her film-director husband.

What the eff? I’m calling sexist on this one. If Guy was the rich one in the relationship he would have had to given up nearly half of his fortune to Grandma. Phil Collins had to give up $46 million dollars! I didn’t even know Sussudio was ballin’ like that. Anywho Guy got eff’ed in the A on this one. I was hoping Madonna would go poor from the divorce and have to beg for a clock from Flava Flav.