I feel like i’m taking crazy pills

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Are people still paying Gisele Bundchen to model? After years i still don’t get the appeal. This woman made $35 million in 2008, you would think with that much money you could get hot somehow.

Naughty Gisele

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I’ll admit the above picture is pretty hot from the neck down. There isn’t much of a body on Gisele Bundchen so her doing any kind of softcore touching makes her a little interesting. Too bad her and Adriana Lima can’t do this all the time, i’d actually post more of them.

Buttaface goes topless

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Gisele Bundchen aka the highest paid Supermodel appeared in the December 08′ issue of American Photo Magazine. I know i’ve said it 1,001 times but what is the attraction here? Your welcome by the way for the above picture. Keep reading for the full uncensored picture.

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Sometimes airbrushing isn’t enough

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“Super model” Gisele Bundchen posed for some magazine that probably paid her $5 million to show off her buttaface. There you go fugly girls, anybody can be a supermodel. Keep reading for the ass and topless pix.

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Oh shut the eff up seriously

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Ugly ass supermodel Gisele Bunchen wants you to know she has natural good looks. Funny what people see in the mirror.

Brazilian Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is baffled by the lengths people will go to to try and prove her good looks are manufactured – insisting her flawless figure is all natural.

Venting her frustration to U.S. magazine GQ, she says, “The other day, a girl on my plane was pulling my hair. She was like, ‘I just want to check…’

“This is all my hair, by the way. I did not have extensions”.

Don’t you hate people like that? The funny thing is the interviewer was probably asking the dumb ass a question about the war or something and she responds with “Yeah it’s tough being so beautiful,” Bitch your money is the only thing attractive about you. Kinda rude sure but what a whore.

I can’t believe it

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I can’t believe i’m saying this but Supermodel Gisele Bundchen actually looks good. After a year plus of dogging her she finally comes through and looks hot! I take everything i said bad about her.
Ahh sum bitch i take that back, she ruined it! She’s still super fug

Case of the Fergie-face

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As many of you know Fergie-face (1-21-08) is something that only disgusting looking overrated celebrities have. In this case as you can tell Gisele Bundchen has a severe case of Fergie-face.

TC gets around the net

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orig_nerblerebeccaromjinbebehe7.jpg 14218_rihanna4_123_1061lo.jpgjanet-jackson-see-thru2.jpg
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