Cause she is perfect

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Former actress and Hollywood whore lashed out against the other whores in Hollywood Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

She says:”What have I ever really done? Dance on a table? When Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton got their DUIs (drinking under the influence arrests) they got punished, they deserved it.

“But my punishment, I don’t feel like it fits the crime. I don’t understand why people punish others for being happy.”

I hate when “Hollywood” people say stuff like people don’t want Britney Spears to be happy. That is not true. It would be awesome for her to find a man that loves her and doesn’t try to make money off of her. Then maybe she could keep her clothes on for once. Why am i talking about Britney in a Tara Reid post? Cause she’s irrelevant.

Oh snap! Girl fight!

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Singer Mariah Carey has slammed reports that she is planning a duet with singer Jennifer Lopez.
When asked about a possible duet, she fumed to US TV show ‘Inside Hollywood’: “I’d rather be on stage with a pig! A duet with Jennifer Lopez and me just isn’t going to happen.”
Damn, Mariah could of used Jennifer being pregnant to her advantage. Plenty of fat jokes could of been made.