It’s official: We are bored and really dumb

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I seen this video a few days ago about a real “time traveler” in a 1928 Charlie Chaplin’ movie and thought Ok well there is videos of people claiming that planes didn’t actually hit the WTC, it was holograms. I dismissed it and moved on. Turns out CNN picked up this dumb dumb video. Doesn’t people realize that Unemployment is at 9.6% and somewhere Chris Brown is dating again? Both of those things should be completely watched and focused on. CNN…The Most Trusted Name In News.

Opie & Anthony rulez

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Opie of Opie and Anthony caught this little gem this morning on MSNBC. How in the H did the old man get BJ confused with hair-dry? I don’t blame him, when i talk to women i tend to blurt out random sexual words.

The Vatican loves some gay sex

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One of Pope Benedict’s ceremonial ushers and a member of an elite choir in St Peter’s Basilica have been implicated in a gay prostitution ring, in the latest sexual scandal to taint the Vatican…..Ha…..Taint.

Among four people arrested last month in the corruption probe was Angelo Balducci, a engineer who is a board member of Italy’s public works department and a construction consultant to the Vatican. Balducci was arrested on corruption charges and the allegations of prostitution emerged only later.

The latest black eye for the Vatican comes on the heels of major pedophilia scandals involving the abuse of children by priests in Ireland, Germany and the United States.

I wonder if the Pope loves some man sex as well? We know he likes to protect the pedophiles so it wouldn’t be that crazy if he did.

Fags are bad!!! Ignore the gay guy to my left

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I use the “F” word in a ironic way because of the story. I have always been in favor of gay rights. Anywho Senator Roy Ashburn was arrested for driving drunk…after leaving a gay club.

CBS affiliate CBS13 reports that Roy Ashburn, a married, REPUBLICAN state senator from Southern California was arrested for allegedly driving drunk after leaving a gay bar with another man in the car.

CBS affiliate CBS13 reports that Roy Ashburn, a married, Republican state senator from Southern California WITH A HISTORY OF OPPOSING GAY RIGHTS was arrested for allegedly driving drunk after leaving a gay bar with another man in the car.

I don’t get these people, if your gay embrace it. What is so wrong about being what you are? If you want to get banged hard by a guy do it. Ha i love Politicians.

Iran will blast us in the face….hard

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You gotta have a sense of humor when a leader of a country threatens to nuke us (once a week.) He’s so adorable, i just want to pinch his sweet little ass cheeks. Allah Akbar indeed! Anywho Iran “President” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Google spell check FTW) threatened to take down the global arrogance.

“But I have told the enemies … that this nation … will strike you in the face so hard you will lose your way home,” he said in comments translated by English-language Press TV.

He is sooo gonna blast us in the face and he wont even give us tissue afterwards. Ahmadinejad is just gonna kick us out without calling us a Taxi. What an Evil dicktator.

Picture of the day

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You seriously gotta have some big balls to try this. Paris Hilton really should have giving some notice for Christ sake, i mean he really could of gotten a better shot when she was spreading without panties getting into her car and accidentally started licking her nipples at the same time.

It’s David Beckham’s fault were in a war!

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Jon McClure has claimed that Britain would not have invaded Iraq if David Beckham had spoken out against it. Genius! Somebody give this bitch a medal.

The Reverend And The Makers frontman said he was angry popular figures don’t use their celebrity to speak out on important issues.

He said: “If David Beckham had of spoken out about Iraq it wouldn’t have happened, I honestly believe that hand on heart, or Britain certainly wouldn’t have got involved.”

I agree, the people listen to sexy people. Not that I’m calling David Beckham sexy. I don’t think of him at night when I’m spooning with my wife or anything…Regular updates will be tomorrow as i have a family issue.

Yay! The media picks up Michael ghost story

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I reported (doesn’t that sound so official?) on the 4th about Michael Jackson’s ghost caught by CNN cameras, well now the media is picking up the story. I know i wasn’t the first to report this but i’ll pretend i did and take credit for it.

Fans of the late pop star claim the image of his spirit can be seen in the background of a TV show filmed inside his beloved ranch.

During an interview with Michael’s brother Jermaine Jackson for CNN’s ‘Inside Neverland’ TV show, a strange shadow appeared on the wall before crossing the corridor and moving around the room.

Fans believe the shadow is the singer’s spectre, which has returned to his former home from beyond the grave.

Gareth Jones, 26, said: “It’s an incredible couple of seconds of footage.”

Please CNN don’t release a statement saying it was someone from the CNN crew, you’ll ruin my whole theory i’m working on!