Stop Masturbating in Public 2012!! PT.2

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Most times I hate TMZ. I don’t care about Angelina Jolie going out to McDonald’s or Britney Spears driving to the gas station but sometimes they can put out something so beautiful, something that makes me say “yes the world is alright.” That thing is the Jason Russellfreak-out video, the creator of Kony 2012. I’m probably the only person on the planet that hasn’t watched that dumb video. Your probably asking “why call it dumb if you haven’t seen it?” Because I don’t give a fudge that’s why. This Russell guy is awesome though. I’ve watched the above video 50 times and I think it should make up for me not watching the Kony 2012 video. Why? Because out of the two videos which one holds more life lessons? That’s right the above video. See, your teachers were wrong, you are smart!

White people stank

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I seen this video (Click above to watch) on SexyandFunny (plug?Absolutely) and I had a few LOL’s. I’m watching the video all into it ready to start fapping and then the abovehappened. Is it fake? Probably. Should you watch it? Only if you have a sense of humor or did the terrorists take that from you?

Opie & Anthony rulez

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Opie of Opie and Anthony caught this little gem this morning on MSNBC. How in the H did the old man get BJ confused with hair-dry? I don’t blame him, when i talk to women i tend to blurt out random sexual words.

OMG’erz Conan is a God!

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Conan O’ Brien is leaving NBC in such a great way. On Wednesday’s (I think?) show Conan brought a $1.5 million car out in one of the dumbest sketches ever. The point? NBC just spent $1.5 million for a dumb dumb TV moment. This is so great, tonight is the last show guys. Make it great!

Team CoCo mutha-eff’ers!

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How exciting is the Late-night wars? It’s so awesome hearing Conan O’ Brien constantly bashing the network that he works for…for now. How can you not be on Team CoCo? I want my Team CoCo t-shirt before this whole drama ends. Leno, what a douche.

Kimmel pwned Leno

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This is almost painful to watch. Last night Jimmy Kimmel appeared on Jay Leno’s show last night to do a skit and greatness occurred in the process. What the hell is wrong with NBC? Wouldn’t it be funny if Conan and Leno both left NBC? Seeing how Jay Leno likes to hide in closets and all that gay stuff something tells me he sucked off Jeff Zucker to get the job back.

See Angela i watch Football. Suck on it

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Here’s a nice moment brought to us by Owen Schmitt of the Seattle Seahawks hyping himself up before a game. You might be asking who in the hell is Angela? Well she’s one of those girls that knows more about sports than you do and it pisses you off to the point where you have to show your masculinity any way possible to cover up the fact that you know nothing about the NFL. Yeah well can you kick MY ass? That’s what i thought now do your job and bring me a beer while i watch porn…ha women are stupid. Kidding i want you inside of me using something like this.

Oh no’s!!!!! Miley quits Twitter

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Miley Cyrus has shocked the world by quitting Twitter and deleting her account. Eff the world getting closer to hell every week this is what matters.

The Hannah Montana star, 16, was among a long list of celebrities who logged on to the site to post minute-by-minute updates on their thoughts and whereabouts.

Cyrus posted a final message on Wednesday reportedly referencing her rumoured romance with Liam Hemsworth – her co-star in upcoming film The Last Song.

She wrote: “Fyi Liam doesn’t have a Twitter and he wants Me to delete mine with good reason.”

Ok i’m personally heart broken about this. It’s was so nice to be able to hear about Miley going shopping with her friends or how good Starbucks taste. What the hell am i suppose to do now? OMG i forgot Selena Gomez is also on Twitter, team Gomez bitches!