Maria Menounos getting felt up by 50 Cent

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Looks like 50 Cent has a case of the happy hands when touchingMaria Menounos butt. She doesn’t seem to mind though, perhaps she knows he’s worth over 300mil and is all about getting felt up by a rich guy. Perhaps she just wants to be one of his hoes, or perhaps she’s just being friendly in front of onlookers.

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50 only gets better, no homo

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50 Cent released another video. This is killing me! About time rappers started using the internet more, it’s not nerdy anymore bitches. Anywho Fifty released a video responding to Rapper Foxy Brown and Pimpin’ Ken. Hip Hop is finally fun again.

50 Cent is hilarious

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50 Cent has been going hard at rapper Rick Ross lately and i’m loving every second of it. 50 said he’s going to ruin Rick Ross’ life “just for fun.” I may not be a huge 50 fan but nobody can talk trash like him. Get em’ fifty! Come on the dude interviewed and took another guy’s girl shopping Lolz wow! Now i got some ideas…

Fake gangsta’s don’t eff around

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Taco Bell has challenged rapper 50 cent to change his name to 99 cent in a new promo move i guess. Fiddy didn’t find it funny, the rapper bust some insults at Taco Bell. In related news TC apologizes to 50 for calling him a fake gangsta, now don’t burn down our house.

Fiddy himself adds,”When my legal team is finished with them, Taco Bell is going to have a new corporate slogan: ‘We messed with the bull and got the horns!’”

Ok it’s clear i don’t like 50 cent, Taco Bell i think thought it would be a brillant move for 50 to dance and rap in one of their commericals as 99 cent. Don’t worry 50 they have some blackface and the top hat ready too. Eff a Taco Bell.

Drudge knows news

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As you can tell rapper 50 cent doesn’t know who to support in the Presidential run for 08′. First he supported Hilary then Obama, make your mind up 50!

50 Cent is a dusthead

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A video was released of rapper 50 cent snorting something. Since he’s such a great role-model I’ll say he just crushes up his Vitamins and snorts them cause he can’t swallow pills.

Loser 50 cent pulls out of Award show

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Has been rap star 50 cent has pulled out of the Mobo awards, he was suppose to perform but due to “last-minute and unforeseen” reasons he had to back out. YorkShirePost gives it to you like it’s your birthday
Rapper 50 Cent has pulled out of the Mobos and other European dates a day after he was beaten to the top of the chart by rival Kanye West.
The star had vowed to retire as a solo artist if West outsold him.
I shouldn’t have called Fifty a loser, the guy is worth like $80000000000000000. He just makes crappy music.
You want some real gangsta sh*t?

U.K likes Kanye better then 50

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The chart for the top albums sold in the U.K has been released. Kanye West came in first beating out that guy who got shot alot of times. Chec-Check it out