God your grotesque put on some clothes

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Looking at these pictures of Fergie on stage trying to show off her ass reminds me of a porno video i seen years ago (memories, memories) of a girl trying to pose for the camera man in a seductive way and the camera man keeps asking her to start, meanwhile she’s doing everything possible to turn the camera man on. It’s sad and terrible. I feel like Interscope Records is taking advantage of a former Meth addict, telling her to dress a certain way to sell records. It’s wrong, i tell ya wrong! But It’s all about money so i guess you have to smile hard to stop the tears. Better than being in Wild Orchid and doing songs for crappy Indie movies.

Wow…..Look at those heels

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There is nothing sexier than a buttaface looking chick in some high heels and i don’t mean normal high heels i mean high heels that make you two feet taller. Fun fact? Fergie is actually 3ft tall. 3ft and that face, wow God must really hate her and me also for being forced to look at her. Nice glove Douchenozzle.

What’s up with her face

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What is up with Fergie’s face? Was this the result of airbrushing or something? I understand she’s a buttaface and you want the least attention on her upper-body but…too much Cosmo! Make her show some panties or something, Jesus Christ. Now I’m forced to look at her face?


Nice distraction from the face

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Here’s some new pix of Fergie doing her little concert thing, you gotta read the terrible reviews. I’m sure those people are just haters and songs like Imma Be really is popping, crunk or whatever they call it. If i wanted to hear some ratarded sounds I would watch I Am Sam or turn on American Idol. Can this whole White Girl talking black phase hurry up and end? Or maybe put the Jersey Shore cast and The Black Eyed Peas together in one room and play Russian Roulette, the great part is the gun is full.

I bet Fergie gets gangbanged

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Looking at these Fergie pix during her concert got me thinking i bet Fergie has had a few gangbangs with the guys from Black Eyed Peas. Think about it, looks how she’s dressed, the long rides on the tour bus. You know they’ve done some crazy stuff. Fergie banged by 5 black guys at once. That might be why she talks so black these days.

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Buy Fergie’s new album please

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Thank God people like Fergie know how to sell themselves properly. Can you imagine if she tried to get by just on her talent? Anywho Fergie shows us the greatest part of her body. Why she doesn’t just wear outfits like this all the time really boggles my mind. My body stay vicious, I be up in the gym just working on my fitness!

Can i have sex with her stomach instead?

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Some advice to people: You suppose to show the sexiest thing about you not hide it. Anyway my stomach fetish has gotten weird anyway so it’s probably best. No girl understands my odd fetish. No i’m not kissing your stomach for foreplay, i’m using that as lube cause i wanna stomach-fu*k you and i’m pretty sure i just created a new word. I swear sex can be awkward sometimes especially when she’s at your house and you want her to leave, soooooo your husband is probably wondering where your at right? Anywho new Fergie pix!


Fergie is packing

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Fergie and her husband went out to a baseball game yesterday and Fergie demonstrated her game by grabbing her big balls. Yeah that’s all i got, enjoy!