Eve is a drunk driver

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The pitbull in a skirt was arrested for driving drunk
Eve was driving in Hollywood around 2:45 AM Thursday when she crashed her gold Maserati into the centre divider and totalled the front of her car.Witnesses say Eve was said to be “visibly upset” as she was handcuffed and led into a police car. There were apparently two people in the car with Eve at the time.

Eve left Los Angeles County Jail after posting bail, where she covered her face as she was picked up by a car.

It is believed that Oscar winner Sean Penn visited the prison to check in on the star. Police sources tell TMZ, “He came to see how Eve was doing.”
Ok what the hell is Sean Penn doing visiting someone in prison, shouldn’t he be busy making bad movies? Anywho Eve is continuing the great new Hollywood trend, being drunk and trying to stay on one of the four roads ahead of her.