Eva will cut a bitch up

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When you think of Eva Mendes you think damn that bitch is hot right? Well during 2001 she carried a blade waiting for someone to rape her i guess.

At a time when the streets of London are becoming an unsafe place due to teenage stabbings, Eva has admitted: I did carry a little blade. My God, with obviously no intention to ever use it.

The actress has confessed that she carried the weapons for protection after filming Training Day in 2001.

The film shows Eva in several nude scenes, which caused her to carry the blade for protection against over-enthusiastic fans.

A blade? Damn i’m glad i never approached her. I’d just be asking for an autograph and end up getting Nick Berg‘ed.

TC gets around the net

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evatc.jpg sarah-michelle-gellar-naked-vaseline-02.jpg
Eva Mendes live nipple slip- Link Humper
sarah-michelle-gellar goes nude- Celebrity Beta
Slutty Christina Aguilera- Holly Rude

I bet she was a sexy drunk

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Out of nowhere (at least to some including me) fine ass actress Eva Mendes has checked into rehab. For what? I have no eff’in idea!

“Eva has been working hard for the past year and made a positive decision to take some much-needed time off to proactively attend to some personal issues that, while not critical, she felt deserved some outside professional support,” a representative for Mendes told People. “Out of respect for Eva’s privacy, we do not wish to discuss further details.”

Damn it, couldn’t Eva have waited until i got to hang out with her when she was getting her drank on? I totally could of hit that.

TC gets around the net

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bsupskirtboobs.jpg heather.jpgk-kardashian11090701.jpg
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jordanwoty.jpg emdrink.jpgsexytongue.jpg
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TC gets around the net

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hd.jpg rihannaboobgrab.jpgeva-mendes11060701.jpg
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Britney Spears ass- Holly Rude

Eva Mendes does Maxim

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After seeing the Eva Mendes’ scene where she’s touching herself i think i found myself a new obsession for the week. Eva is very underrated, to get some attention she should sniff some Lindsay Lohan (click) and have a freckin’ party (without underwear of course)

Eva Mendes touches herself

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…..In her new movie “We Own the Night” Eva Mendes touching herself in a movie? I smell a hit or at least a internet classic.

Eva Mendes said eff a bra

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Eva Mendes said eff a bra3Eva Mendes said eff a bra2
Why not? Looks good to me
Eva Mendes said eff a braEva Mendes said eff a bra5Eva Mendes said eff a bra4