TC gets around the net

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hayden-eva-11180701.jpg miley-cyrus-ama.jpghilary-duff.jpg
Bastardly Lesbian Sex Fantasy: Hayden Panettiere & Eva Longoria- The Bastardly
Miley Cyrus doesnít look her age- The Blemish
Hilary Duff nipple slip- Celebrity Beta
Jamie Pressly is naked- True Scandals
Adriana Lima in a thong- Weak Game
Heidi Klum ass crack- Dirty Rotten Whore
fergiesextape-small.jpg bspinknipple.jpghallecleavage.jpg
Fergie Sex Tape- Glamzilla
Britney Spears braless- HO
Halle Berry huge cleavage- Suave Life
hayden_panettiere_upskirt_top.jpg candy.jpg
Hayden Panettiere upskirt- Drunken Stepfather
MMM candy- Plicks

Eva Longoria Banned From Having Babies

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Eva Longoria has been banned from having a baby by the maker of Desperate Housewives because it could ruin the plot of the show.
The actress, who plays Gabrielle in the hit show, got married last year to French basketball player Tony Parker in July, has been warned by creator of the TV show Marc Cherry not to get knocked up, or else it could put the plot in jeopardy.

Speaking to the Sun, Eva explains: ďMarcís not kidding because he maps the year out and really knows the story-line. When Marcia [Cross who plays Bree] became pregnant it was unexpected and it was hard for him to write around.

Omg! Omg! The Eva Longoria sex tape is here

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You’ve heard the rumors on the internet(s) about a Eva Longoria sex tape. Well it’s here and it’s so hot! Hope you can sense the sarcasm.

Eva Longoria 07′ Emmy’s

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Annoying and Talentless, a dangerous combo
Eva Longoria 07   Emmy  s4Eva Longoria 07   Emmy  s

Eva Longoria gets married but do i really care?

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NBA finals MVP Tony Parker married Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria in a civil ceremony, kicking off a weekend wedding extravaganza expected to include church vows and a star-studded chateau bash.
About 40 guests, including French soccer player Thierry Henry and some of Parkers San Antonio Spurs teammates attended the 45 minute ceremony, held in the town hall of Paris fourth district.
Tony Parker is in the NBA, he could get basically any girl he wanted and he chooses Eva Longoria? Somebody has really low self esteem, Eva Longoria? Come on Tony!

TC gets around the web

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Eva Longoria ass wears bikini- The Blemish
Ashley Tisdale also in a bikini- Drunken Stepfather
Vanessa Minnillo gets banged in the pool- Yeeeah
Kelly Brooke is so sexy- Weak Game

Eva Longoria in bikini

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She may have no talent but she looks hot in a bikini
Eva Longoria in bikini3Eva Longoria in bikiniEva Longoria in bikini4

TC gets around the web

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Will Ferrell is the Good Cop Baby Cop- Shoutfile
MMM Eva Longoria- Weak Game
Britney Spears has a jelly belly- Celeb Slam
Crazy hot babes kissing- Bullz Eye
Kim Kardashian’s huge ass- Drunken Stepfather