Eva Longoria with a Ton of Makeup On

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Who the hell does she think she’s fooling? I’ve seen her in pictures without makeup. They must have more foundation on her face in this gallery then the Pentagon and WTC combined. That nose isn’t really helping her either. She could star in the Tucan Sam commercial as a stand in, or perhaps some sort snarling animal. Perhaps I’m going to far, she’s ok in that ‘Don’t look at me, I can’t stand your face’ sort of way.

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Eva Longoria pops out on Letterman

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Eva Longoria appeared on David Letterman Wednesday and had a wardrobe malfunction (what a gay term.) I love that it happened on Letterman seeing how it turned out he loved banging the interns while married. I don’t know about you but I respect Letterman so much more now that he’s just like me, horny and eff’in girls in the driveway of her boyfriends home. Any hootie who the boobie comes out at 3:21 of the video, yes your welcome.

ABC is getting really Desperate (hehe?)

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ABC has responded to the reports that there will be lesbian action between Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher stating:

Anything is kind of possible right now. You’ve got ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Private Practice’ basically becoming one two-hour show (with Feb. 12′s crossover episode), the longest ‘Dancing With the Stars’ tease ever. I don’t think a kiss between Eva and Teri’s characters could be ruled out, especially if it keeps people interested in the show.”

How gross is that? Ok the ratings are low! You two whores start making out, people are starting to realize our show sucks! Can ABC respond to the rumor i just started about Eva Longoria accidentally tripping in a future episode and being penetrated by the horse they just won in a wacky fundraiser?

Ahh cover that face up!

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I apologize if you just woke up with some breakfast and decided to check out TC. Bill Eva Longoria with whatever you were eating. It can’t be easy to wake up to that every morning. It would be easy to think an old Mexican “little person” has broke into my house to steal my lucky charms.

Simon turned down Viagra deal and disses Longoria

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One of my hero’s Simon Cowell told OK! Magazine that he turned down a $2 million dollar deal to be a spokesman for Viagra. Oh yeah and he dissed Eva “mini skank” Longoria.

The millionaire music producer said he was “insulted” by the request to advertise the erectile dysfunction drug.

“That girl has got a very, very sexy face – it’s naughty. And I like (Desperate Housewives star) Eva Longoria, but then I met her and she wasn’t what I was expecting.”

I like Simon cause he knows Hollywood is B.S and full of fake people. And about Eva, she is alot different in person, when i seen her on the street i thought it was rude that somebody would leave a rough looking mini yard statue on a busy street.

The gay best friend

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First off I am not gay (Not That There’s Anything Wrong with That) BUT would you trust your wife enough to let her hang around Mario Lopez? When i see him i get really confused and have alot of questions about my sexuality. Tony you better get your wife, and don’t look into his eyes when you do it.

Eva Longoria is 2 foot tall

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Annoying human being Eva Longoria was on her way to do a photo shoot. I still can’t get over the fact that people pay her to advertise crap. Steven Segal has more personality than this horrible person, her and Victoria Beckham would go well together.

Tony Parker sued celebrity gossip Web site

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NBA star and wannabe rapper Tony Parker has sued Celebrity Gossip site X17 for claiming he had an affair with French model.

“This is false. It never happened. And X17 had to know that the story was false, or, at the very least, it had to have entertained serious doubts about the credibility of its supposed source,” the lawsuit said.

Thanks goodness he hasn’t seen all the horrible things I’ve said about his whore wife.