Ellen is going Loco

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Rumors are going around that Ellen may be heading toward a nervous breakdown after becoming an American Idol judge.

Along with judging on the singing juggernaut that is Idol, Ellen hosts her own primetime chat show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Insiders suggest that playing an integral part of two such successful TV shows, is taking its toll on the funny woman

We fear shes headed for a total breakdown,
How entertaining would it be to watch Ellen slowly lose her mind on American Idol? I’ve been missing that since Paula left.

Pamela whores it up for morning tv

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Hayden Panettiere showing off her thong

Holly Madison Nip Slip (NSFW)

Katy Perry huge CamelToe

You wake up have your coffee and enjoy Ellen like you do every morning, after all why not? Ellen is such a funny and family friendly show, when i’m up and it’s on i’ll watch it. So i was watching and seen a 41 year old woman strip to her bikini. Thanks Pamela, my kid didn’t wanna see that while she’s eating Fruit Loops, now i got to explain why the scary woman on tv is made 99% of plastic.