Claire magazine gets gay…in a good way

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Not that there’s anything wrong with 2 straight males kissing…Anyway’z Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page posed for the new issue of Claire magazine, i can’t believe I’m actually thinking of buying a Claire magazine. I’m reading it for the articles damn it! It’s always nice to find different ways to freak out my man in bed.

Ellen Page is a hottie

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Ellen Page isn’t a natural hottie, something about her drives me eff’in’ crazy. She looks like a girl that could be your girlfriend and have fun with. She seems too normal to be in Hollywood. What? It’s hard to make fun of someone sane. Until she shows up to a party wearing no panties or leaks some pix out that’s all i got for now.

She’s hot in a odd way

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Don’t lie for the people that seen Juno you thought Ellen Page was a hottie in a different Hollywood way. I’d pick her over 95% of the Hollyweird whores out there.