Oh no your number 1

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Stretch face aka Sarah Jessica Parker’s long lost sister Elizabeth Hurley lets the paparazzi know that they suck Brooke Hogan’s huge rod.

Or she could be telling everyone that she takes one in the pink and one in the stink, who knows

TC gets around the net

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bsupskirtboobs.jpg heather.jpgk-kardashian11090701.jpg
Britney Spears upskirt- Holly Rude
Heather topless in the tub- Time Killer
Kim Kardashian is everywhere- The Bastardly
lindsayheader.jpg beyoncecosmopolitan2.jpgsj.jpg
Lindsay Lohan said Eff a bra- HO
Beyonce dressing like a whore- Suave Life
Scarlett Johansson huge rack- True Scandals
nicolemaxim2.jpg elizabeth-hurley-future.jpgkeeley.jpg
Nicole Scherzinger topless in Maxim- Celebrity Beta
Elizabeth Hurley and her boobs- The Blemish
Keeley Hazell and her freak em’ eyes- Weak Game
jordanwoty.jpg emdrink.jpgsexytongue.jpg
Jordan is already back in shape from having her baby- Drunken Stepfather
Eva Mendes is selling something- Rich And Brainless
Damn that’s a long tongue- Plicks

Elizabeth Hurley and her English boobs

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What is it with Canada and Britain, they produce the hottest women. Who do we got to be proud of? Britney Spears and Paris Hilton
Elizabeth Hurley and her English boobs3

Elizabeth Hurley going to jail?

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Elizabeth Hurley and some dude she married could be facing jail time for breaking Hindu customs during the wedding. Her father in law reportedly will take the stand against Hurley.

Amongst the complaints against them are the claims that Hurley refused to remove her shoes inside the marriage mandrap (marriage place) and that the couple drank alcohol before the wedding.

The Daily Mail claims the couple have been charged with an intention to outrage the feelings of Hindus by insulting their religious and ritualistic beliefs under section 295 A of the Indian Penal code.

Those found guilty of deliberately insulting the Hindu religion can face a three-year prison sentence.

That is fucking insane, i can sense some people are being bitter bitches though. 3 years in prison for not removing her shoes and drinking alcohol. If that was the law here i would be on death row.

Elizabeth Hurley kinky for Pop magazine

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People always come down hard on Elizabeth Hurley (hmm), i really don’t know why. Seeing this pix makes me want to come down on her too.

Hurley gives birth and gets married

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Any of my London peeps know who the baby daddy is? Isn’t she like the English Paris Hilton?
Actress Elizabeth Hurley has given birth to a baby boy, it has been confirmed.
The baby, born at 1222 BST on Thursday, has been named Damian Charles. Hurley’s spokesman said both mother and child are “happy and healthy”. Hours after the birth, a man was arrested and charged with harassing the actress, Scotland Yard said.

Elizabeth Hurley see thru shirt

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Elizabeth Hurley see thru shirt04Elizabeth Hurley see thru shirt03Elizabeth Hurley see thru shirtElizabeth Hurley see thru shirt07Elizabeth Hurley see thru shirt06Elizabeth Hurley see thru shirt05

Elizabeth Hurley lowcut dress

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Elizabeth Hurley tease
Elizabeth Hurley tease5Elizabeth Hurley tease4Elizabeth Hurley tease3Elizabeth Hurley tease2