Sweet boobs

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Looking at her makes me think Eddie Murphy must really be gay.

Eddie Murphy admits being the father

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The comic actor, who got engaged to producer Tracey Edmonds last week, says in a new statement he “always has and will continue to honour his responsibilities as a father”.

However, Murphy who insisted on a paternity test to prove he was the father of Angel undermined Mels claims the couple had planned a future together.

“Mr Murphy and Ms Brown dated very briefly and never made any plans of any sort,” the statement explains.

DNA proves Eddie is the father

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Eddie Murphy is the father of “Scary Spice” Melanie Brown’s 2-month-old daughter, Brown’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.
The results of the DNA test, which Murphy took on June 11, were received by Brown on Thursday afternoon, says rep Liza Anderson.

“He’s the baby’s father, it’s official,” says a source close to Brown. “The baby is undoubtedly, 110 percent his.”

Of Brown, the source said, “There was no doubt in people’s minds anyways, least of all hers. It wasn’t a surprise to her. She knew all along.”

Murphy’s rep declined to comment.

Eddie Murphy should be proud, it proves to people that he had sex with a actual woman. Now all he has to do is give up a few million.

Scary Spice is tellin’ all

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Scary Spice is set to tell-all on US TV about her relationship with Eddie Murphy.

The former Spice Girl is reportedly on the verge of signing a deal with a major US network to lift the lid on her romance with the actor – including the couple’s rampant sex life.

Mel also allegedly intends to demand the ‘Dreamgirls’ star – who denies he is the father of her two-week-old daughter, Angel Iris Murphy – pay her 3,000 a month in child support, as well as a lump sum for her to buy a Los Angeles home.

A source told Britain’s Star magazine: “Mel means business. She’s in talks with a big TV network in the States, but in the meantime she has been advised to take a softly, softly approach.”

Some English people might be asking “why do you call her Scary Spice?” Well mate, because i feel like it and because most people don’t know who the hell Mel B is. Anywho the story says Mel B wants 3k a month in child support, doesn’t this bitch know she is fucking with a big ass star? Mr. D to the i to the ddy (Diddy) pays his ex-wife 30k a month! Scary Spice? More like Dumbass fire your lawyer spice.

Scary Spice likes the ladies

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I never thought me and her would have something in common. Anywho Scary Spice aka Mel B has had a few lesbian “sessions” in her time.

A friend of the 31-year-old said she was seduced by the singer after a late night drinking session, it was reported.

Christa Parker told Closer magazine: ‘We had drunk quite a lot and it was late, so Mel suggested I stay over.’

‘Mel started complaining that she hadn’t had sex for a while and was feeling horny. Mel said she needed sex and asked me if I wanted to.’

‘I’d had a bit to drink and said yes.’

Another woman who works as a sex toy consultant also told the magazine she has romped with Brown.

Elizabeth Rodriguez allegedly claims: ‘Mel begged me to come around to her house to demonstrate some of the toys. I thought it was good fun so went to Melanie’s bathroom.’

‘I let her but only for a second. The whole experience was very bizarre.’

When i get my pants back on I’ll write something longer, that is freckin’ hot. Well like every other woman that sleeps with Eddie they always go to the tang.

Eddie Murphy you are the father

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I don’t know shit about Scary Spice, but I know Eddie is the father. Eddie just doesn’t want to be tied down, well at least not by a woman (oh snap) Anywho Scary Spice has named Eddie Murphy as the dad on the birth certificate of her child.

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown has listed Eddie Murphy’s name on the birth certificate of her infant daughter, her publicist said Friday.

The 31-year-old Brown, known as Scary Spice when she was in the megahit group of the ’90s, gave birth to the child April 3 in Santa Monica, Calif.

Have you ever seen Eddie’s house it’s like a mansion (really) He could put Melanie in one side of the house and enjoy the rest of the house with his other “women”

Scary Spice gives birth to a girl

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Former Spice Girl Mel B has given birth to her second child, a baby girl, in Los Angeles, her spokeswoman has said.
“The baby is completely healthy with a good head of hair,” she said. “No name has been decided on as yet, and she is purely known as Baby Brown.” Mel B, real name Melanie Brown, now faces a paternity battle with her former partner, actor Eddie Murphy.

The Hollywood star has told reporters he will demand a paternity test to prove the child is not his.

Congratulations Mel B, Eddie Murphy wasn’t available for comment due to the fact he was cruising for the sexy “ladies”

Scary Spice to have live TV paternity test

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They say ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ and now it seems Eddie Murphy is lined up to face the wrath of a Spice Girl.

Mel B is to unleash her revenge on her ex-boyfriend by revealing the results of her paternity test live on TV.