He ain’t going back to eff’in jail

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DMX was in court to see if he could be released on bail for his numerious arrests in the past year, knowing DMX was he respectful and quiet? Hell no, he went DMX on them bitches and let them know that isn’t going back to jail. Well yeah he did cause the judge is the man in the real world.

Reailty tv just got good

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Rapper DMX is shooting a reality show. Finally a reality show worth watching.

Speaking to AllHipHop, DMX says: “In many ways, my life has been an open book. I haven’t always been the one writing the story.”

“With this show; however, people will get to see and hear with their own eyes and ears what really goes on in my life and I think they’ll come to understand me a little bit better with each episode.”

The series will be produced by After Platinum Entertainment and although a network has not picked up the show, interest is apparently high.

This will be classic tv. I can see DMX barking at random people on the street. Good stuff.

Crackman X arrested again

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Use-to-be talented rapper DMX was arrested again today on charges of taking someone’s identity. Your DMX, i don’t think anybody is gonna get him confused with somebody else.

Rapper DMX has been arrested at a Phoenix mall on a felony charge of taking the identity of another.

Phoenix police Sgt. Andy Hill did not have details of the charge, as it stemmed from a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office case.

The sheriff’s office did not immediately return a request for comment.

See kids, this is what crack does to you. First your on top of the world, the next second your stealing someone’s ID.