My favorite milf

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Diane Lane finally popped out of nowhere and attended some event. I swear i watch Unfaithful at least once a week, Diane is 45 years old and looks hotter than most girls in their 20′s. On Wikipedia it says her husband beat her ass in 04′, Oh baby you don’t deserve that! I think her husband watched the Hallway scene from Unfaithful and didn’t realize when a woman says no it doesn’t mean rape her from behind.

My favorite milf ever

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Ever since i watched Unfaithful with Diane Lane i’ve had a mission to bang a really hot milf and hopefully not die from a snow globe to the head by her husband in the process. That movie is freckin’ sexy as hell! Anytime i watch that movie i have to have my pants down no matter where i’m at. My grandmother did not appreciate that. Back off bitch i’m trying to watch Richard Gere!