I hate you!…I’m glad were married

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Lolz I think Ashton Kutcher should keep his mouth shut sometimes. Anywho Ashton said in a interview that he knew Demi Moore was “The One” when he knew he hated her sometimes.

“I think one thing sort of defines it which is, it’s not how much you love someone when you love them, but it’s how much you love them when you hate them. It’s when you’re in that moment where you cannot stand what the person you’re with is doing, but you still love them. When things get tough it’s not what you say, it’s about what you do.”

I never thought of it like that. When i hate somebody i just ignore them and hope they lose my number or something. I never say I hate you! Bitch lets get married you whore! Sure i caught you blowing my brother but i still love you. Eff you Ashton that little story is totally wrong, if Demi blew your brother you wouldn’t be thinking that way and your not tied to the whore because you have 2 kids with the skank. It’s horrible to kiss your wife and taste your brother.

Eww Ashton imagine Ashton having a kid

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Demi Moore and her husband Ashton Kutcher are ready to start a family. Shed better get to it before the menopause kicks in.
The 44-year old actress who already has three daughters with her ex-partner Bruce Willis wants to add to the family by spawning a child with her 29 year old toy boy Ashton.

She tells WENN: “We would love that. It would be just fantastic. We are doing lots of practising. And you can’t complain about practising with him.”

Lindsay Lohan’s new movie sucks

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There’s a fresh candidate in the running for worst movie of 2007 honors.

I Know Who Killed Me,” a ridiculous thriller (minus the thrills) starring the embattled Lindsay Lohan in a dual role, has all the hallmarks necessary for qualification: A nonsensical plot that grows sillier by the second, tawdry special effects, heavy-handed symbolism that’s big on electric-blue hues and mechanical performances are all culprits as far as the title’s concerned.

We’ll probably never know whether Lohan’s most recent difficulties took their toll on the picture’s box office potential, because either way, this movie doesn’t even warrant one star. It was released on Friday without screening in advance for critics.- Source

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