The Hoff gets rights to kids

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A US judge has restored actor David Hasselhoff’s right to visit his two teenage daughters, his lawyer has said.
Access was temporarily suspended two weeks ago over a videotape showing the recovering alcoholic apparently drunk.

Mr Hasselhoff, 54, and his former wife, Pamela Bach, 43, both attended a closed court hearing in Los Angeles to discuss the recording and related issues.

“It went very well, the truth was told, and I can’t say any more,” Mr Hasselhoff said outside court.

Whats next Alec Baldwin getting his kid back? Some vile little pigs shouldn’t be around kids.

David Hasselhoff can’t see his kids

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David Hasselhoff has been temporarily banned from seeing his children following the leaked release of a three-month-old video featuring the intoxicated actor growling obscenities at his teenage daughter.
A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has decided the Baywatch star can only telephone his kids until a 21 May hearing decides how the leaked footage will affect his long-term visitation rights. The judge has also ordered Hasselhoff, his former wife Pamela Bach and their children meet with a psychologist before the hearing on 21 May.
Well i guess my dumbass theory was wrong, that sucks for David but he could always get drunk and show-up at their house at 3 in the morning crying and screaming that he has changed. It worked for me i even got a nice present in the form of 50000 volts from a taser, good times.

Hasselhoff responds to drunk video

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A video of a drunk David Hasselhoff has spread across the internet (not here cause i didn’t think the video was that big of a deal) now Hasselhoff has responded to the video.

The recovering alcoholic has said his 16-year-old Taylor-Ann filmed him during a relapse three months ago in order to show him the perils of drinking.

In the footage a topless Hoff rolls about on the floor as he attempts to eat a hamburger whilst his daughter urges him not to get any more booze.

In a statement the Baywatch star explains, I am a recovering alcoholic. Despite going through a painful divorce and I have recently been separated from my children due to my work, I have been successfully dealing with my issue.

“Unfortunately, one evening I did have a brief relapse, but part of recovery is relapse.”

Damn his own daughter busted his ass, but it is sad that when your novelty career starts fading you get caught on video “drunk.” In Hollyweird nothing is a coincidence, except for vagina flashes every 2 days.